Aca Forest

A Place of Mystery and Superstition

Take care not to dawdle. The forest is wild and unkind to those who stray.
  Located along the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road, the Aca Forest has for centuries provided the region with ample fodder for superstion and tales of darkness.


The Aca Forest straddles a rise in the land between Tremer and the Zeremel Forest along the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road. On the northeast side there is a small lake fed by springs in the mountains to the north. East of the forest are fertile grounds for farming, while to the west, the land falls into a small valley.


The forest had grown thick over the centuries after The Cataclysm, and the forest floor is home to a vsariety of species. The dense undergrowth proviodes cover for predators, and the think overhead canopy filters most of the light out during the day, leaving the forest in a twilight-like state while the sun shines. At night, it is dark, very dark. Most travellers choose not to traverse the forest between dusk and dawn.

Ecosystem Cycles

The forest has been the source of much fear and superstition, and as such, is not visited by mnay ordinary Orsholonians. It does, however make fantastic cover for ruffians, thieves and creatures.   In the winter, the thick growth overhead keeps the snows from reaching the ground, and act as a blanket to keept he ground warmer. As such, the area surrounding the forest is often shrouded in a deep fog during the colder months as the cold air coming down from the mountains meets the warmer forest air.

Localized Phenomena

Beware: The last known location of Evan Solesword of the Brute Squad
There have been many stories of dark creatures roaming the forests, the most common being jackalweres. Other abominations have been reported here, but no one seems to have been able to bring back any proof of their existence. Nevertheless, at least two or three times a year, a foolhardy adventurer goes into the forest never to return.   There are also stories of some creature in the lake at the eastern edge of the forest. The most commonly reported form is that of a beautiful woman, although the actual description of the woman varies from story to story.


As with much of this area, area which the forest covers was decimated in the moments after the Cataclysm. Trees were uprotoed and thrown like twigs. The area was once part of the Urshalin City regional complex, mainly residential in this area. Those building disintegrated when hit by the wind and debris of the blast.   Over time, the forest grew back, and by the time survivors began venturing out (post-30-Year Winter. trees had already begun growing. Many were misshapened, gnarled and crooked. All seemed freakishly think and tall. It is also believed that there were some surviving creatures that called the forest area home, but it is unknown, and mostly unthinkable, how they survived.


The only individuals fool enough to visit the forest itself are adventurers. The forest is considered a dangerous, hostile place, and most ravelers do well to enter early, leave early, and make their way through with haste.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
Owning Organization
Orsholon/Lawcrane Road from Orsholon City to Tremer
This well-traveled section of the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road connects Orsholon City and Tremer.

Cover image: Aca Forest by Kahuna The Elder / Artbreeder


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