Bafon Jelric

Bafon Jelric (a.k.a. Bafon the Vile)

The town was terrorized. The Calaun syndicate had become very powerful, affecting and infecting nearly every element of life in Lawcrane. Bafon the Vile ruled his organization with cruelty, fear, and blood. Those who crossed him did not live to enjoy the spoils.
— Vala Napari, in their book "HIstory of the Lawcrane Underworld"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bafon was a massive Orc, standing more than 7 feet tall. He was built like a tree trunk, thick and strong. While he became very skilled at getting others to do his dirty work, he did not shy away from it himself. His favorite form of intimidation was to crush the skulls of those who betrayed him between his bare hands. The sound of collapsing bone, the screams of his victim, the blood on his hands never failed to bring a smile to his face.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bafon Jelric was believed to have been born in Baduhm sometime around the turn of the century at 900 BTG. He came to Lawcrane because of the reputation the city had for being a haven to criminals. By the time he was in his mid-20's, he was well-known on the darker side of Lawcrane as a brutal killer - and a valuable member of a gang.   But being a gang member was not enough for Bafon. His desire to gather wealth and control others was strong enough for him to move up the chain in the Calaun crime syndicate. He achieved this by "removing" those above him. In most cases, if someone tried this, they would be immediately taken care of. But Bafon's reputation had already been cemented, and those above him feared him. The last syndicate leader before Bafon had tried to stop him, sending a team of assassins to kill him. Bafon's response? Killing the leader in broad daylight, on the docks of Lawcrane, as a lesson to anyone else who would try to challenge him.   And thus, Bafon became the leader of the crime syndicate.   He was notorious for his patronage of prostitutes - and his vile treatment of them if they displeased him. He controlled the docks in Lawcrane, shipping companies, and even had his fingers in the local law enforcement. This latter area proved to be his downfall.   What he was not aware of was that the Royal Guard knew of the traitors who assisted Bafon. They had been watching these traitors and had determined where they could find Bafon. In one fell swoop, they raided Bafon's lair and apprehended the traitors, sending the rest of the Calaun members scattering. Bafon nearly escaped, but the sheer mass of guardsmen kept him from any further attempt. Nevertheless, he was convinced that no trial would ever come to pass. He had paid off the highest adjudicator in Lawcrane, and was sure that he would walk scot free. This would further cement his power.   What he did not know was that the King was aware of his infiltration into the courts, and sent a very hard-line judge to replace the compromised judge, just as the trial began. There was no warning, and Bafon was unprepared for the change. Nevertheless, he was able to get word to his cronies, and attempts were made to kill the judge. They failed, the trial continued, and Bafon was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in Hoggarth Prison.

Personality Characteristics


Bafon the Vile was very simple to understand; he wanted power and wealth. And he would not allow anything to stand in his way. He was ruthless, vicious and cunning. And he meant to prove all of those every waking minute.



Bafon's deep voice more closely resembled grunts and growls, and yet, he was understood by all. He did not need to speak many words to get his point across. Indeed, sometimes a mere guttural groan was enough to signal that someone was about to pay for their insolence.

Wealth & Financial state

At the time of his capture, the only individuals who had amassed more wealth or power in the Kingdom of Orsholon - Region were the Royal Family of Orsholon themselves. He controlled the syndicate ruthlessly, and it is believed his capture fractured the syndicate that had far-reaching influence.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Biological Sex
7' 3"
365 lbs.
Aligned Organization


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