Beivalur Feverbreaker Godthiraskime (a.k.a. Feverbreaker)

Beivalur Feverbreaker Godthiraskime is an immense man of great intellect and curiosity, and a healer, rare among the Goliath race. He is classified as a druid.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A large man, as one would expect of a warrior race from the mountains. He is solid and strong.

Body Features

Built like the trunk of a tree, almost cylindrical. A slight narrowing at the waist, but otherwise, just a massive, strong being.

Facial Features

His face is actually kind. He smiles and laughs easily. And his eyes sparkle with the joy of knowledge and wonder.

Apparel & Accessories

Always wears a long druidic robe, which helps to hide his scimitar and his scrolls.   He also carries a backpack, bedroll, clothes, a piece of mountain granite to help focus his energies, ink, leather, a mess kit, a quarterstaff, 7 days' rations, rope, a small knife, a tinderbox, a torch and a waterskin.   Lastly, he carries a quill and a letter from a dead colleague posing a question he has not yet been able to answer.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Beivalur is a Mosae, a race that lives in the high reaches of the Rinzeremel Mountains. They are a warrior race, but not a warring race. They look for fair fights and will defend their land to the death.   Beivalur did not have such a desire. His competitiveness lay in his appetite for learning and evenutally, the healing arts. He had no real interst in the fight, but wanted to aid his tribe by being able to heal those who went to battle, earning his keep.   He got the blessing of the tribal leader to go to Orsholon Cityto continue hos studies at Royal Medical Academy - Orsholon, and has finely honed his skill in the healing arts.


Beivalur spent the last four years at the Royal Medical Academy - Orsholon specializing in healing of wounds and curing illness from potions and spells. He graduated high in his class and is the first Goliath to do so.


Currently traveling to Lawcrane to see if he can put his education to use in the rougher parts of Lawcrane.

Accomplishments & Achievements

First - and to date only - Goliath to graduate from an institute of higher education in Orsholon.

Failures & Embarrassments

His interest in healing came because he was a poor fighter. This was an embarassment to him, his family and his tribe. He had to find a way to mae himself of use and worth in the tribe. He found he had a natural talent for healing.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very intelligent and calm.

Morality & Philosophy

Beauty. What is beautiful points us beyond itself toward what is true.

Personality Characteristics


He left behind his tribe in pursuit of knowledge. He hopes to do great deeds and win his way back.


Religious Views

He and the Goliaths worship Ranoh the Father, God of Strength and War. While he understands others will worship other gods and will not try to convert them, he will not tolerate blasphemy against his god.

Social Aptitude

Beivalur is kind and well-spoken, with a friendly, jovial nature. He is quick to befriend others as well as to assist them spiritually if they desire.


A quiet, gentle, deep voice. calming and soothing.

Wealth & Financial state

Since the Cataclysm, Golaths have suffered greatly and are too proud to ask for help. As such, they have very little wealth. Beivalur is no exception. He left Orsholon City witn only 2gp to his name.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1179 ATG 28 Years old
Mt. Maniamukabu
Biological Sex
7'8" or 2.3m
335 lbs. or 152kg
Known Languages
Abyssal, Common, Druidic, Dwarvish, Giant
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