Bellasiel Perxidor

Bellasiel Perxidor (a.k.a. Belle)

Bellasiel Perxidor is the owner and innkeeper of the Aerie Inn. The inn has been in her family since it was built in 1095 ATG.   Bellasiel is very popular as an innkeeper, making sure rooms are clean and guests are comfortable. She is also a good source of information about the surrounding area, especially the townsfolk and village businesses. She is a shrewd businesswoman as well, and is one of the wealthier people in Tremer

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bellasiel was the only child of Athiebi Perxidor  and Sirimy Nalchin  the original owners and builders of the Aerie Inn. They were small-scale farmers with some land just outside of Tremer when they saw the traffic increasing along the Orsholon/Lawcrane road, and decided that an inn could be lucrative and would also allow them to give back to the community and the travelers by way of providing a safe and comfortable place to rest.   Bellasiel (or Belle) grew up in the inn, helping out from an early age. Her parents left her the inn when they chose to retire just outside of Lawcrane in 1211 ATG. Having spent most of her life in the inn, she took to running the business like a duck to water. She has continued to prosper in the business and enjoys a fair bit of wealth because of it, even beyond what her parents had amassed.


Bellasiel grew up learning the business of hospitality in the Aerie Inn. Her parents were able to teach her a great many subjects during evenings and free time, and she is able to carry conversations with individuals of all education and economic statuses.


The full-time owner and operator of the Aerie Inn.


Bellasiel Perxidor

Friend (Important)

Towards Royston Ranald



Royston Ranald

Friend (Important)

Towards Bellasiel Perxidor




Bellasiel and Royston Ranald have a mutually beneficial relationship as the owners of the Aerie Inn and Dragon's Stein Tavern respectively. Their families benefited from the increasing traffic between Orsholon City and Lawcrane and the respective businesses flourished.   But Royston ran into trouble with some thugs after a problem with a loan he took out for the tavern. Bellasiel helped him out with a loan from her savings, which helped him, but caused her some problems of her own when the thugs found out she had money.   They are very frank with each other, and help each other out whenever necessary.

Relationship Reasoning

Their respective businesses are complementary, and they send each other customers daily.

Shared Secrets

Both have had run-ins with thugs over money. Hargus Hurryhouse solved the issue for both.

Shared Acquaintances

Hargus Hurryhouse

Wealth & Financial state

The wealthiest individual in Tremer
Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
1001 ATG 206 Years old
Small farm just outside of Tremer
Current Residence
Still lives in the small farmhouse in which she was born, just outside of Tremer
Biological Sex
Long, red
Skin Tone
Light in color
75 LBS.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in Common, Elven, Orc, Dwarven

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