Bellatrix Delacroix

A noble with a temper - and the means to release it

Bellatrix Delacroix (She/Her)

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Bellatrix Delacroix comes from a family of nobles, but you wouldn't know it by the company she keeps...   Bellatrix is a Nuvolycan of the Canid branch, meaning she can change herself to a wolf form at will.   Given her short temper, this can be a very, very bad thing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bellatrix was born in Orsholon City to a family of nobles distantly related to the Royal Family of Orsholon.   From an early age, Bellatrix's anger was legendary. Mercurial and vicious, it was never a good idea to give her a reason to rage. This became especially apparent when her Nuvolycan abilities began to manifest. Nuvolycans lose some of their life force when they change shape in either direction. For young Nuvolycans, this can be dangerous, even deadly. On more than one occasion, Bellatrix changed shape in anger, and bearly drained all of her life from her. As she grew older, she became more more adpet at controlling her changes, but no less quick to anger.   Her parents soon became afraid of her bouts of anger, and catered to her whims. But nobility and its restrictions chafed Bellatrix, and in her adolescent years she began to run with a less than wholesoome crowd. Before long, her fiery attitude and formidable fighting skills after changing became an asset fo underworld figures, and Bellatrix started getting paid as a hired security agent for some of the more nefarious figures.   Between her inheritance and what she has earned form being a mercenary, Bellatrix has enough money to retire. But truth be known, she is more than happy to continue working, as the fighting is truly what she enjoys.


Bellatrix stopped attending school after her elementary classes, felling - even at that age - that she knew enough to ignore schooling. As such, some things go completely over her head. But be wary of pointing out any lack of education to her; that will anger her very quickly, resulting in her picking a fight.   She is not stupid. In fact, her intelligence is often manifested in how she plans her revenge against those who have wronged her.


Often hired as a bodyguard for underworld figures, Bellatrix mantains a professional relationship with all but a few of her employers. Her skills are quite useful to these employers, and she is paid well, enough that one job per month keeps her living in a small house in the Orsholon City - Nobles District quite comfortably.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Perhaps one of the most important - and vicious - incidents involving Bellatrix was the matter of the The Jarth Fendwyr Kidnapping. While others might see this as an evil event, Bellatrix saw it as the point at which her reputation was cemented. Since then, very few have tried to cross Bellatrix, and none have lived to tell the tale.

Failures & Embarrassments

It is believed that Bellatrix recently was in charge of another kidnapping in Orsholon City, but was uninterested inperforming the act herself. She hired three dwarves to do the deed,, and they failed miserably. This has been seen as a stain on her reputation, although none would be so foolish as to verbalize it to her.

Mental Trauma

It is unknown what drives the rage that fuels Bellatrix. Her father and mother are meek, despite being nobles. They are goodhearted individuals who are honestly torn apart emotionally by the choices their daughter has made. But, perhaps their altruism and gentle nature was the excuse Bellatrix needed to push everything to the limit.

Intellectual Characteristics

Wickedly shrewd, nothing much gets past her. But she is not "book smart". Bellatrix has learned much from her association with the underworld, and very little of it beneficial to anyone other than herself.
Current Location
As human, short brown hair; As Lycan, longer fur.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
As human, pale skin; As Lycan, chestnut brown fur.
As human, 5'5"; As Lycan, 6'4"


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