Calaun Crime Syndicate

Father, don't do it! We'll make it somehow. But if you owe a debt to the Syndicate, you'll never be done repaying them.
— A son advising his father not to take a lucrative deal


The Syndicate is very tightly controlled organization, from the very top all the way to the very farthest reaches.   At the top is the Syndicate Leader. The individual's name is rarely revealed, simply referred to as "The Leader". All decisions, all of them, come from The Leader. The Leader reaches their position by any means possible. There is no "term of office". A Leader remains in the position until they resign or die. They have a group known as Mepia Zanimel or "Circle of Ghosts" that protect them, which means they usually are in the position until they die of natural causes, but there have been Leaders who have been killed for the position. Alternately, a very few have resigned, usually so they can enjoy the riches they have amassed before they are too old to really appreciate them.   Below The Leader are regional Captains. There is a captain in each of the various regions in which the Syndicate operates. The Captains have a direct line of communication to The Leader, and are responsible for all operations in their assigned region. They are expected to have iron clad control and can pay with their lives should they fail to maintain that control.   The next level are the individual lieutenants that manage the various operations. These can include gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, illicit trade, murder for hire, public corruption and more. These lieutenants answer to the captains primarily, but occasionally are held to task by The Leader. This is never a good thing.   Below the lieutenants are the front line operators. These will include assasins, debt collectors, numbers runners, prostitutes, thieves and more. It will even include some public officials who have been paid off and are in the pocket of The Syndicate.


The Syndicate is focused on profit and loyalty. The latter is key to the former. So much so, in fact, that a lack of loyalty can cost one their life.   In fact, loyalty really is a key element to keeping the Syndicate running. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill their victims. But try any of that with Syndicate members and you'd best have the backing of the Leader. It is a cutthroat business. There have been occasions where individuals have attempted to take over a superior's position. If they have enough backing, and are cunning enough, they may succeed. But if they fail, the result will be certain death. Failure is not acceptable.

Public Agenda

While the Leader's identity is kept secret and Captains are simlarly cautious, lieutenants are generally more well known in the public. The Syndicate will execute public performative acts to seem like they are helping the community, with the goal of keeping control. For example, they may fund a school or an orphanage, with the intent of creating good will. But you can bet if they are involved with these types of activities, someone will owe the Syndicate a debt, and the Syndicate will collect on that debt,


The Syndicate's wealth is untold, but likely rivals that of the Royal Family of Orsholon, although it is nearly impossible to know for sure. They have buildings in all the major cities, vehicle, ships land... everything they need to maintain their control.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
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The Syndicate
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