Cataclysm Blast Site

The Event That Changed The World

The Cataclysm changed the Urnati world forever. The massive blast altered the weather, killed 85% of life on the planet, and even changed the composition of the geologic structure of the planet.


This site is the crater that was left after the blast that was The Cataclysm. The crater is hundreds of miles in diameter, a testament to the massive strength of the explosion. Over the last 45 centuries, the cause of the blast has become mired in myth and legend, but no one seems to know the truth of the event.   Even before the blast, this area was part of the Muioqa Desert and was desolate. And trace of what might have been here was vaporized and in fact the center of the blast area is essentially glass and rock that was melted in the blast. There is tale of a building at the center of the blast site, the MZS - Muioqa Zimomel Sopom, a repository and source of now-feared technology.
Muioqa Desert
North of Orsholon, this area is desolate and nearly impassible.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
3365 BTG
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