Courtenay Nightglade

Courtenay Robin Nightglade (a.k.a. Trouble)

Courtenay Nightglade is flirty, morally footloose graduate of the Uskkalu School for Magic Arts. She's a skilled wizard who is not above having fun, even if it often gets her into trouble.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Courtenay is of average height for a woman and physically fit. Overall, she is a very attractive young lady.

Body Features

A very-well proportioned torso, from bust to hips. Her legs are average for a woman of her height. Her neck is slender as are her fingers while her her hands in general are dainty.

Apparel & Accessories

Always dressed well as the daughter of nobles.   She carries with her a backpack, a book, clothes, an inkpen and ink, a small bag of sand, some parchment, a quarterstaff, a signet ring, a small knife, a spellbook and a staff.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up, Courtenay lived in the Orsholon City - Nobles District with her parents. They had planety of wealth and Courtenay was spoiled As she grew older, she began to take an interest in magic. This was something her parents frowned upon greatly. They felt she would never grow up to amount to anything.   As she tells it, she moved out to go to the Magic School on her pwn, to redeem herself The reality is that she was kicked out and had nowhere to go until she befriended a man who worked at the school.   She applied herself to the lessons, but also learned how to use her friendly, flirty nature to cajole both teachers and students into helping her get through tougher spots in the curriculum. She graduated in the middle of her class, but likely would have made top if she had just spent a little more time in the books than in the pub.


Graduated from Uskkalu School for Magic Arts 23rd out of a class of 50.


REALLY doesn't want to wait tables or work as a drudge. She'd rather do something adventurous, a desire that tends to get her into some sticky situations. So she's looking for side jobs to keep her afloat.

Failures & Embarrassments

There was an incident in the Royal Guard Of Orsholon Compound in Orsholon City that got her into a bit of trouble. She had snuck in at the urging of a young soldier, and he led her through the night to a dark comfy corner of one of the stables to have a little encounter. They fell asleep, and were awakened by the sound of horses being moved out for morning inspection. This left them with a difficult decision. If they were caught together, the soldier would be severely reprimanded, perhaps even stockaded for violating the security of the compound. But one of them would have to take the risk of being caught.   He knew this, and without warning, took off to go get into the barracks before he was discovered missing, leaving her alone in the stable, not really knowing which way to go. She tried to make her way out of the stable, but a stable maid saw her and tried to stop her. Courtenay would never make her way out of the gate, so she'd have to make a break for the catwalk along the wall and hope she didn't break her neck going over. It was early, and no one was expecting a "prison break" from the inside, so she was able to make it to the catealk fairly easily. But the guards fro mthe watchtowers were closing in quickly. So over the wall she went...   The lower hem of her skirt caught on the top of the wall, leaving her hanging about six feet from the ground. She had to move fast to be able to get away. She wriggled unti she fell out of her dress, plopping to the street in her corset and braies. She ran in the early morning light back to the school, snuck in past the still sleeping matron of the women's dorms and into bed.   Later that day, the Royal Guard Of Orsholon began riding through town showing a particular dress that had been found hanging on their wall. Courtenay made sure she did not leave the school that day.

Intellectual Characteristics

Street smart, but not necessarily loaded with common sense. Quick to act and react without thinking.

Morality & Philosophy

Morally footlose is the term to describe Courtenay. She has a strong, almost insatiable desire for carnal pleasures that often gets her into compromising situations. But her quick wit and unstoppable charm serve her well in extricating herself from problems.   She is very much a "carpe diem" type of person. Live for now.

Personality Characteristics


While she is know to break the rules, she truly does believe in respecting authority. She doesn't want anyone to know about her noble lineage, but if they do, she expects their respect.


Social Aptitude

Incredibly skilled in social matters, although her glib nature can sometimes get her into trouble with those who have a less developed sense of humor.

Wealth & Financial state

She eschewed the wealth of her parents (and they cut her off). She currently has about 5gp.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1184 ATG 23 Years old
Orsholon City
Biological Sex
Courtenay is very fluid in her search for carnal delights. gender is a non-issue, and frankly, other than non-humanoid beings, she can be interested.
Gender Identity
Courtenay presents herself as a woman, and indeed leans in that direction and uses her womanly wiles to get her way quite often. But she truly is fluid in her interests and identity.
5'5" / 1.7m
125lbs. / 57kg
Known Languages
Common, Giant, Riedran
Appears in...


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