The Dyan are led from the top by the Qano Gekui (Holy Ruler) of the Dyan, an individual who has risen through the ranks of the Dyan. The Qano Gekui sets the priorities and rules for the Dyan, and is the ultimate arbiter for all things Dyanic.   Below the Qano Gekui are 12 Qanaviaro (apostles or followers) who act as advisors and, in some cases, enforcers for the Qano Gekui. These are:
  • Qanaviaro Weseleknu - Ministry of Penance
  • Qanaviaro Biqi - Ministry of Charity
  • Qanaviaro Upuknu - Ministry of Humility
  • Qanaviaro Area - Ministry of Vestment
  • Qanaviaro Ziwolar - Ministry of Doctrine
  • Qanaviaro Zarular- Ministry of Truth
  • Qanaviaro Rerula - Ministry of Civility
  • Qanaviaro Wabala - Ministry of Tolerance
  • Qanaviaro Ubim - Ministry of Intentions
  • Qanaviaro Seveni - Ministry of Empowerment
  • Qanaviaro Zakulara - Ministry of Forbearance
  • Qanaviaro Zusalari - Ministry of Dispensation
  The next level are regional Prelates, who govern over a specific region.   Finally, there are localized clergy, who are responsible for spreading and enforcing Dyanic teachings.  


The Dyan are first, and foremost, virulently against technology (Ene) and the use of it. They seek out (hunt) The Heretics/Technologists. What they do with them when captured is not known. Suffice it to say, the individual captured is never heard from again.   The Dyan demand loyalty and dedication to their religion. They profess to follow Chaestu the Wise, the god of history and permanence. They resist change, particularly that which advances civilization. Those who are worshippers are expected to eschew any desire to improve their lives above their current station, in favor of retaining the status quo.   The vicarage live in poverty, fed and kept by the faithful in their community. They are the proseletyzers who work to convert others to the Dyan faith. This poverty is in stark contrast to the Qanaviaro, who live in fine homes and suffer no shortage of any luxury. Since it has always been this way, there is no reason to change, per the teachings of the faith.   Their followers are faithful to a fault. Some truly believe, while others fear what might happen should they try to leave. Those not of the faith have a definite fear of the Dyan, as they seem to have their fingers in every nook and cranny of society.

Public Agenda

The Dyanic stated goal is to promote the virtues exemplified by the different ministries. Believers fell that these ministries represent the best of each individual. And outwardly, at least in appearance, they seem to do just that.   But there is a significant amount of distrust in the Dyan among non-believers. A great percentage of Arnathians feel that the Dyan put up a great front, but have more sinister or self-serving motivations behind the scenes.


The Dyan have no shortage of wealth, unless you are below the level of the Qanaviaro. The upper echelon live in fortified settlements with guards outside of drawbridges and gates. Those who have visited Dyanic compounds say the interiors are beyond opulent and quite excessive in their show of wealth.   They can field a small army if they need to, and it is believed they have multiple fully-stocked armories should they need to protect themselves.   Meanwhile, their treasury, headed by the Qanaviaro Zusalari is said to be nearly limitless. this is one of the reasons they are not trusted. They can buy their way out of virtually anything. There have been multiple cases where obviouos laws have been broken - including such heinous crimes as murder - but when the case went before a magistrate, it was suddenly dismissed without explanation.


The Dyan began as a group of individuals that lost most everything in The Cataclysm and following 30-Year Winter. They blamed the overuse of Ene to solve problems for the destruction and death, and swore that they would seek out these items and destroy them, as they would anyone who used or kept them. They began first by harassing and bullying Technologists, but over the years, this turned into a much darker mission.   In the centuries since, the Dyan have grown and weakened, ebbing and flowing like tides of the ocean. But they always maintain a presence in the Arnathian world, through faith and a demand for loyalty, if not by sheer fear.

Mythology & Lore

Chaestu is the god of stasis and history. Those who follow Chaestu reject change and deviance from the old ways. They believe that The Cataclysm was Chaestu's revenge for Urnati citizens relying too much on technology.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Dyan have their fingers in nearly every pot. They are believed to control magistrates, guard units, manufacturers, shippers and farmers. While they have yet to overtly exercise their power, it is believed they could easily sway elections or topple governments if they so choose.
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