Emine Mercan (eh-MEEN murr-CAN)

Emine Mercan (a.k.a. The Phantom of Mercy - Sarulin Mepia)

We haven't seen her in years. She just disappeared. Some days, I wish we could somehow call on this Phantom of Mercy to find our daughter, but I'm afraid it's too late."
— Demir Mercan, Ermine's father

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To everyone in her family, Emine was a simple girl, loyal to her family, intelligent, and charming. What they didn't know, and still don't, is that she had a darker, much darker side to her.   Emine was an assassin and member of the Mepia Zanimel , or Circle of Ghosts. This group was pledged to protect the head of the Calaun Crime Syndicate at all costs, giving their lives if necessary. Unlike many who earned their position through treachery and murder, Emine was chosen purely because of her skills.   Emine lasted more than 15 years in the position, even surviving a change of syndicate leaders (a rarity). All the while, she kept her anonymity, even from the Circle of Ghosts, in order to protect her family. She gained a great deal of wealth in the process.   Then one day she received a directive from the new leader. He had developed a reputation for being utterly ruthless and vicious. It had come to his attention that a rival was planning an attack in an attempt to take over the syndicate. The Circle of Ghosts intercepted a communication between the rival and a another individual and took the informaiton to the leader. His reaction was to order the immediate execution of the rival's young children, and he chose Emine to do the job. He wanted the children killed in front of the father to make sure he got the message that challenging the Syndicate would only lead to ruin.   She went to the rival's home, ready to carry out the deed. She snuck in, unnoticed, and made her way to the children's bedroom. Slowly, she unsheathed her dagger, and was reading to slit the throat of the first young man she found. Just asshe prepared to cut across, the boy opened his eyes and looked at her with fear. She froze.   Putting a hand over his mouth, she raised the other to her lips. The boy did not make a sound.   She knew that if she failed this task, it would make her a marked woman. She would be hunted, and if caught, executed by the Circle of Ghosts. But in that one moment, that instant when the young man opened is eyes, she could not kill him. She could not do to this young man what she had done to likely hundreds of other victims. The boy had done nothing, he had his entire life before him. Never before had she hesitated.   But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She couldn't take the lad's life. Her decision would impact the rest of her life. She fled the house, and prepared to live her life in hiding. She would always have to watch over her shoulder.   It has been years since she has seen her family, and likely never will be in their presence. But unbenkownst to them, she always watched over them. And if the time comes. she will sacrifice herself for them as she would have as a member of the Circle of Ghosts.


As an individual, Emine travels across Orsholon, looking for odd jobs. She has no need of money - she put away vast amounts during her time with the Circle of Ghosts. But she cannot show her wealth as it would be suspicious and would end up leading the Syndicate to her. So she works for farmers, or traders, or bakers - anyone who needs a helping hand. This also allows her to keep her ears and eyes open for signs of the Syndicate following her or influencing local individuals.   When she sees something she can intercede in - and hopefully atone for past acts - she dons a set of light-colored, wispy clothes, giving her the appearance of a phantom. She acts to help those who are being attacked or threatened, without care for the opponents. The flowing garbs she wears hide her physical form, and her acts of assistance have earned her appearance the nickname "The Phantom of Mercy".

Morality & Philosophy

At one time, Emine felt that any act, as long as she could convince herself of the value of it, was acceptable. Now, however, she sees the damage that thinking has done to families that perhaps were undeserving. Famililes who were destroyed not because they were evil, but because they owed a nefarious underworld figure a debt.   Now, her philosophy is less about right/wrong, good/evil, than it is about those with power and those without. She wants to balance the scales, and prtect those who might be exploited.
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