Enchanted Jackal Pub

Welcome to the Enchanted Jackal
- Established 2243 BTG

Purpose / Function

A local gathering place, where friends are hailed, dreams are shared, deals are made, and stories abound.


Since its construction north of the castle walls in Orsholon City, little has changed at the Jackal. There was one kitchen fire in 1134 BTG which resulted in damage to the roof, but this was quickly replaced and the interior remodeled.


Light and dark grey stone, with a slate tile roof. The interior is framed in wood beams, hewn from the forest to the east. It is two stories, with a residence, restroom, and two guest rooms upstairs. Downstairs in the main pub room, as well as a kitchen and storage space.


The Enchanted Jackal Pub was one of the first public houses built after the completion of the castle and city walls. It very quickly became a gathering place for nobles and common folk alike. All are welcome, and all are served.   Over the 30+ centuries that the Jackal has stood, it has been the favorite location for all manner of meetings. It is rumored that rooms upstairs have been used as secret meeting places for kings and emperors when they need to craft agreements without interference.   Along those lines, it is believed that there is a passage that goes down to the sewers and provides passage from the castle grounds to the Jackal. This would allow those who are inside the castle walls to easily and quickly make their way to the Jackal for clandestine meetings. It would also provide an escape route for anyone needing to access the sewers to get out of the city.   A common belief is that the Declarative Articles were written at the Jackal late in the night, with King Senden Torgaro sneaking away after the Queen had headed to bed.   It is also rumored that Hargus Hurryhouse has a standing reservation for a room upstairs, as he is often seen at the Jackal, but never seems to leave.


The Jackal has quite the reputation outside of Orsholon, and visitors are always encouraged to pay a visit. They never know who they might see - a famous bard, a member of the royal family, or even some powerful magi. All all welcome, although parents are encouraged not to bring their children as the conversation can sometimes get a bit... spicy.
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The Enchanted Jackal

Tue, Oct 5th 2021 06:30
Welcome to the Enchanted Jackal Pub. Please seat yourself, and enjoy!
have a seat!
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Founding Date
2243 BTG
Alternative Names
The Jackal
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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5 Aug, 2020 17:38

Very nice pub! Though no rumors of haunts? or even the suspected murder?

5 Aug, 2020 19:46

It's a very respectable establishment. So far as you know...

Kahuna the Elder aka Leo - www.kahunatheelder.com Creator of Arnathia
Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
5 Aug, 2020 20:10

"...parents are encouraged not to bring their children as the conversation can sometimes get a bit... spicy." This made me laugh! It reminds me of a cafe near my parents' home which has a sign in the garden saying, "Unaccompanied children will be given a shot of espresso and a puppy."   I would love to visit The Jackle. I'm sure the bar staff have lots of exciting and hilarious tales to tell.

Cait x
7 Aug, 2020 19:21

...and many will be told!

Kahuna the Elder aka Leo - www.kahunatheelder.com Creator of Arnathia
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