Ene is the root of all that we fear, and deservedly so. - Qano Gekui
  Once commonplace and relied upon, technology (Ene) is now feared and reviled.


Ene is the generic term for the technologies that once were commonplace on Arnathia. These technologies were electromechanical, powered by matter-antimatter reactions. The ancient Urnati had mastered space travel, high-speed manufacturing, advanced agricultural techniques, and revolutionary medicine. These had been developed over thousands of years of progress, creating a highly advanced civilization.   These advances, however, became the cause of their own demise. In 3395 BTG an accident at the MZS - Muioqa Zimomel Sopom, a test laboratory in the Muioqa Desert, resulted in the sudden and catastrophic release of a massive amount of anti-matter. This is the cause of the extinction-level event known as The Cataclysm.   Since then, Ene has been considered a taboo, something to be feared and by some, something to destroy.  

Access and Availability

Prior to The Cataclysm, technology was everywhere, from the most mundane tasks to the greatest machinery and advancemennts imaginable. It was generally available to all.   The blast at the MZS site was so destructive that most surface based structures were obliterated. Anything that relied on some type of electrical power or connection was destroyed by electromagnetic pulse. Without electricity and the means with which to generate it, it became impossible to repair the items left underground. And through the The 30-Year Winter, anything above ground suffered catastrophic damage beyond that of the initial blast.   Since then, technology has been vilified as the cause of the blast. Items that are found are souoght by collectors, but in most regions possession of any Ene item has severe penalties.  


Urnati technology was based on nanometer constructions and frameworks, making them very efficient and fast. Some processors were small enough to be injecteed into the bloodstream of living creatures, allowing for their use in medicine to deliver advanced treatments directly to the areas in need.   But the strength of these items before The Cataclysm was their weakness after it. These items relied on ambient electtromagnetic energy, and in some cases, a delicately balanced combination of matter/antimatter reaction. The Urnati had developed a means of harnessing and controlling antimatter, and used the reaction to generate seemingly unlimited power. But after the blast, the electromagnetic pulse deactivated and destroyed the antimatte control mechanisms, and resulted in small, but extremely powerful detonations. As an example, just 125 nanograms of antimatter can produce an explasion equivalent to one pound of dynamite. 125 nanograms is approximately the same weight as 1/468 of a grain of salt. Imagine the damage if even 10 nanograms of antimatter were relased within the body. Put another way, 10 nanograms is the approximate equivalent of blowing up 1/5th of a stick of dynamite.   Many of those who died during the blast died when antimatter containment systems failed.
Muioqa Desert
North of Orsholon, this area is desolate and nearly impassible.
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