From the Kahuna: Arnathia - What IS This?

What's the idea?

So, you've come here and you're thinking "What have I stumbled upon?". Is this a game? A story? A fantasy?
  Well...It's all of the above.   Since the mid 1980's, I have had ideas rolling around in my head for some stories. I tried starting by writing them down, but all the extra details that needed to be in there would come and I would fail to write them down and lose the flow. So I would put the stories down for a while.   I would come back to it with a different viewpoint on the same story, start all over and hit the same result. Over and over, never really getting anywhere.   Fast forward to December 2019. My kid and I started going to a local shop to play D&D. As a teenager I was always the Dungeon Master so it was kind of fun to be a player for once. We had fun, and have gone back for more sessions. But these sessions triggered something in me. A desire to create. The same thing that drove me to be the DM in my younger days. The ability to create my own world.   And then it dawned on me: This was the way to create and tell those stories in my head. I began researching tools that might help me. I found mapmaking tools, name generators, encounter creators. And then I found one tool that helped me bring it all together: World Anvil. And here you are.   For the last couple of months, I have been creating. Maps, stories, characters, languages - everything here. Every image, every detail has come from my brain. And the key that has allowed me to continue creating is that I deposit everything here and have it all be interconnected, automagically. So when my brain gets bored or tired one thing, I move on to another. Or if I suddenly have a great idea, I create it and keep moving.   So yes, this is a game (the mechanics and details are based on a D&D SRD5 ruleset). And it's a story. Many stories, actually. And it is fantasy with a lot of detail.   I hope you'll come back often as this world is fleshed out and stories develop.   Until then, stay out of trouble, or don't get caught.   Leo Soderman - Kahuna The Elder


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