Fubdo Barcellus

Fubdo Alceste Barcellus

Fubdo Barcellus is the owner of Fubdo's Farm, and the youngest descendant of the Barcellus family, a family that has been known for exceptional dairy and cheese in the region for more than 500 years.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fubdo is on the taller side for a half-elf, and is generally in wonderful health. Working with the cattle and sheep in the fields have kept him strong, perhaps even stronger than some of his human friends. But certainly not stronger than the half-orcs from the Lawcrane region.

Body Features

Stocky, built like a tree trunk, but not fat, despite his near constant consumption of dairy.

Facial Features

Fubdo always has a slight smile. Never overly exuberant, he also never seems truly unhappy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fubdo has been a farmer nearly from birth. He worked in the fields herding and tending to cows and sheep from the time he could walk. He learned the secrets of cheesemaking from his father and grandfather, especially the specific Orsholon Royal Blue Cheese that only his family can produce. He is known to periodically disappear for a few days before he cultures this particular cheese, taking circuitous routes to vanish into the hills. He returns with a bundle that only family members have seen, and they will not divulge the secret of what Fubdo has retrieved. Many believe that he returns to the original cave where his family hid, and that there are minerals or roots within the caves that give the cheese its distinct aroma and flavor.   Fubdo married when he was 23 years old (1196 ATG) and currently has one son and one daughter. They help on the farm, and Fubdo hopes that one of them will take over the family tradition of being the premier dairy farm in all of Orsholon.


Having been raised on the farm, Fubdo has no formal education. But he has a wealth of knowledge passed on from centuries of tradition and doing business with others. On the other end of the equation, other dairy farmers often consult with Fubdo, who he is glad to help. However, Fubdo is no fool. He will never give away his best secrets or methods. He has a reputation to maintain!


The Barcellus family has done quite well for themselves, even through lean years and even wars. They help those struggling, and during times of conflict, they supply the Royal Guard Of Orsholon with dairy products for consumption by the troops. As such, they have been rewarded handsomely.   Barcellus himself keeps busy working on the farm, and is occasionally called to Orsholon City to meet with the King.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Fubdo Barcellus still maintains the highest quality of the products he produces, and ensures that his cheeses are the pride of Orsholon and the choice of the Royal Family for hundreds of years.

Failures & Embarrassments

In his younger years, Fubdo thought (as many young men do) that he knew better than his elders. And so, he tried to "improve" on the family's recipe for the unique cheese they produce for the royal family.   In his haste to prove his elders wrong, he incorrectly measured the ingredients. The stench from the fermenting cheese was so strong and foul that the cows refused to produce milk, and the townsfolk of Tremer walked around, covering their faces for nearly a week. Moreover, as he tried to get rid of the stinking mass bu burying it, he managed to trip and fall into the pit, covering himself in the stench-producing muck. He smelled that pungent perfume on his body for weeks.

Intellectual Characteristics

Having learned the dairy business from his family, Fubdo also learned to think things through before acting. So while he is quite intelligent, he also takes his time to make a decision. This is often mistaken for dullness or a lack of understanding. On the contrary, Fubdo is weighing all options and only makes a decision when he feels he has looked at all the possible options.

Morality & Philosophy

Taking care of his family and protecting their legacy is first and foremost on Fubdo's mind. He is kind and caring for his fellow man, but not to the detriment of his family. He will live and let live - to a point.

Personality Characteristics


Keeping intact the legacy of his family and protecting his current family.

Wealth & Financial state

As an official supplier to the Royal Family, the Barcellus family will never want for wealth.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
1173 ATG 34 Years old
Current Residence
Tremer , just outside of the town.
Biological Sex
Blue, deep set
Black with slight greying
Skin Tone
Tanned from working in the fields
Quotes & Catchphrases
If making the Cheese of Kings was easy, everyone would do it.

If I let them...
— Fubdo Barcellus
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fubdo is fluent in elf, orc, dwarf, and claims to understand Kobold. His first language is Common.


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