Fubdo's Farm

The farm is owned by Fubdo Barcellus the latest of the Barcellus line to provide dairy and beef to the city of Tremer and the surrounding areas. The farm has been in operation for nearly 500 years and the milk from his cows produces some of the finest cheeses in all of Kingdom of Orsholon.   The farm is located at the southwestern end of Tremer, along the old Dead Hills Road.   Recently the farm has seen some difficulty as grain and feed shipments have been disappearing. Fubdo has posted a flyer in the village for assistance in apprehending the bandits who have been intercepting the shipments.

Purpose / Function

Cattle and dairy farm, with cheesemaking facility. Supplies the village of Tremer with meats and dairy products, as well as shipping some products to Orsholon City and Lawcrane for sale.


A farmhouse (Fubdo's home) as well as barns for dairy and beef cattle. Also, there are three buildings for cheesemaking, with one leading underground to the aging caves.


The farm has been a fixture of Tremer for nearly 500 years, and always the property of the Barcellus family. They are said to be descendants from one of the families that survived outside of the Rinzeremel Mountains, and it is believed that they made it through the 30-Year-Winter by taking both cattle and family below ground into the aging caves, and existing on cheese and dairy products.   Thirty years in the caves gave the Barcellus family ample time to perfect and refine their cheesemaking skills, and their cheeses are often requested by the Royal Family of Orsholon. They have even commissioned a cheese that has a strain of mold that closely matches the blue of the Orsholon crest. This cheese is produced solely for the Royal Family and cannot be purchased. The recipe for making that cheese is secret, but a fortunate few outside the family have tasted it at events in the Orsholon Royal Castle and Compound.
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