Goras Zumzumin

One Who Would Be God

Goras Zumzumin (a.k.a. Goras the Highest, Goras the Vengeant) (They/Them)

Deep in a valley to the northwest of Tremer, just outside of the Aca Forest, there is rumored to be an underground complex of caves that has been converted into a base of operations by Goras Zumzumin. A sea-elf who sees themselves as a god, it is believed that many of the odd occurrences in the valley are their doing.
Gods? They are not gods. They are pretenders. Bow to me, the only true god!
— Goras Zumzumin

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Goras is physically fit, but not overly athletic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Goras was born in a tribe of Sea-Elves from along the southeastern coast of Baduhm, south of the Kingdom of Orsholon - Region. Along the cliff faces and rocky outcroppings, the tribe had thrived for thousands of years before The Cataclysm. However, the events of the Cataclysm caused sea surface temperatures to drop, making survival for the tribe very difficult. The used their caves in the cliffs as a refuge, but conditions were harsh.   A band of elves set off to find another way to survive. They surmised that other caves, perhaps not on the sea-edge might also support them. Over time, this band discovered many caves carved by underground rivers that they found suitable. This band of elves, and their followers, began colonizing underground spaces, and now can be found throughout Arnathia.   Goras is a descendant of one of the bands of sea-elves that searched for a new home. But his childhood was not one of comfort or fulfillment. Instead, the tribe to which he belonged found a cave system in Orsholon to settle, but to their dismay, found that the region offered them little in the way of comfort. The caves were cold, with poor ventilation. There were not rushing rivers, but instead slow moving waters that had no significant life. So instead of being able to sustain them, many of these elves felt the caves were more like prisons.   Unused to having to support themselves with outside resources, the tribe began to cling together and built a disdain for those of the surface. In fact, this disdain turned into a defensive sense of superiority, believing that those of the surface could not endure the hardships they had themselves endured.   Over centuries, and through the pre-Cataclysm development of personal magic abilities, a few of the tribe became powerful users of magic in their own right. Goras displayed a significant aptitude in the use of magic, and over time has used it to rise in the ranks of the tribe and take control. In fact, the skills have been sufficient to allow them to assume the role of tribal leader. Goras' skills have gone to their head, however, and Goras considers themselves a god, and any other gods worshipped are false, and inferior.


Goras developed their magical skills in the cave complex deep uner the Aca Forest. Working tirelessly from texts discovered in a nearby mausoleum, Goras refined magical skills to a level that had never been experieced by the sea-elf tribe he was a part of. They marveled at his manipulation of energies, bending them to his will.   Goras is highly intelligent, and can usually foresee outcomes not through magic, but through logical inference.

Mental Trauma

Living in the caves under the Aca Forest was, at best, a miserable experience. These proud elves often found themselves choosing between starving or thievery. Their appearance in public often raised suspicions, with humans and even other elves shying away from them, treating them as pariahs. This is the environment in which Goras was raised.   Goras, being very intelligent, often understood things more completely than his peers. He saw that there were easier ways to gather resources, or to obtain food. But this intelligence came at a cost. His parents and tribal elders saw his growing knowledge as a threat, and tried to tamp down his enthusiasm. Goras' ability intimidated them, and they thought by limiting Goras' access to the information they might dim the interest, and Goras' growing abilities.   Goras, however, was too savvy, and could see what was happening. Goras began hiding books and researching on the sly to continue adding skills. Eventually, however, they were caught, and all the books were burned and Goras was treated as a pariah, sent to live in the deeper depths of the cave. This exile served only to strengthen Goras' belief that the tribe was beneath them, that the tribe was simply afraid because Goras was a superior being, and that Goras was actually a god.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very, very intelligent. Goras is commonly able to outthink an opponent with ease. Planning and quick thought are some of Goras' greatest strengths.   But, Goras' intelligence is also a great weakness, in that it created an arrogance that often caused Goras' to underestimate enemies. This, however, would only happen once with an enemy, as Goras would adapt to the new information.

Morality & Philosophy

Goras belileves they are above judgement, that all others are beneath them, including other gods. In their mind, morals are simply arbitrary rules, and do not apply to them. In other words, it Goras chooses to do (or not do) something, it is morally acceptable simply because Goras made that choice. If Goras chooses differently in a similar situation, then they simply state that that is morally correct because they have so chosen.
Goras is genuinely uninterested in carnal activities, again because they see themselves as above those activities and that none are worthy of them.
Gender Identity
Goras is gender neutral, but has expressed interest in all genders. But he is not interested for the sake of physical affection, but rather in their adoration. Goras will give their attention to those who worship and place them on a pedestal. For those who choose not to, Goras simply ignores them, or worse, punishes them.
Long, drawn back in single braid, red
Skin Tone
Pale blue


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