Kingdom of Orsholon - Region

The smallest - and most prosperous - nation on Arnathia
Kingdom of Orsholon
The Kingdom of Orsholon in one of the oldest on Arnathia, as well as the wealthiest and smallest in land mass.
The Kingdom of Orsholon is a region bordered by the Muioqa Desert to the northeast, the Rinzeremel Mountains to the north and west, and the Qiweqomesi Delta to the southeast. On the east side, Lawcrane is the major Kingdom of Orsholon port, on the Nawal Sea.


The Kingdom of Osholon is nestled at the feet of the Rinzeremel Mountain bordered to the northeast by the Muioqa Desert. Southeast can be found the Nawal Sea, and to the south, the Qiweqomesi Delta The region's highest point is approximately 18,000 ft in elevation, and the lowest point is sea level. There are two main rivers, the Ribaqa River and the Zequmel River. These two rivers meet at Mirerea Bay.   The majority of the land is arable land and forest, making agriculture a major component of the country's economy. Also featuring in the economy is mining. In fact, it is the primary source of income in the region, followed by trade.   The mountains have served Orsholon well, serving as a shield from The Cataclysm, a home during the 30-year Winter, and following the effects of The Cataclysm, a seemingly unending source of ores and minerals for processing into metals and gems.

Fauna & Flora

After The Cataclysm, more than 85% of the living creatures and flora on Arnathia were wiped out. Over the next two centuries, the flora and fauna began to return, albeit with some genetic changes.   Perhaps the biggest change was the dragons. Dragons were plentiful pre-Cataclysm, but most were no bigger than 10 ft. from tip to tail. Post-Cataclysm, there was a fraction of the number that existed before. But they were bigger. Much bigger. Now, the older dragons might get to 60-75 ft. long, but these dragons have been rarely seen and may be no more than myth.

Natural Resources

The arable land in Orsholon provides ample space for farming, and the temperate climate nearer the coast allows for growing virtually any produce desired. The topsoil is composed of layers of silt that was deposited post-Cataclysm over the course of 30 years.   In the mountains, Orsholon has benefited from an embarrassment of riches. From gold, copper, silver and platinum ores in the western part of the Rinzeremel range, to gems such as diamond, ruby, emerald, Blackglass and more are found in the northeast end of the range. While normally gems such as these are created over time with pressure and heat, the immense pressure of the blast of the Cataclysm accelerated this process exponentially.   Orsholon has taken advantage of these deposits and formed trade routes with neighboring countries, allowing them to quickly amass a substantial treasury.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.


It is the duty of all Orsholons to be good stewards of the bounty of resources we have been gifted. If we do not, we risk falling into the same downward slide that was responsible for The Cataclysm
— King Roigos II of Orsholon
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Orsholon Province, Orsholon Territory
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