Lawcrane Royal Infirmary

"Quickly, bring him here!" the doctor saw the young man's injuries and knew that there was little time to waste.   The young man had been in a brawl at a local tavern and picked the wrong individual to challenge. The other individual nearly disemboweled the lad with a fast slice across his belly. The near evisceration had the danger of becoming infected and septic. And the blood loss from such a large wound could easily kill the foolish brawler in minutes.   They laid the young man on a large treatment table. "Healer, we need some help!" A robed individual approached and began an incantation. As they did, a glow appeared around the young man, and as it did, the young man appeared to enter a trance, almost as if frozen in time. "Keep that aura around him until we can see just how bad the damage is." said the doctor.   Reaching through the aura, the doctor examined the wound. It had cut cleanly through the flesh, but luckily, had missed all of the internal organs. The aura kept the body in stasis, stopping the bleeding and allowing more time for the doctor to work. But the healer could maintain this aura for no more than 90 seconds. The doctor would have to work fast.   He quickly irrigated the wound with purified water and began work to close it. He was about halfway done when the healer had to let the aura go. The wound began to bleed again, but by this time, the doctor had it under control and finished the job of stitching things up. "Get him to a recovery bed, and have a healer visit him three times a day to try to get that wound healed."   It was going to be a busy night.
— Excerpted from the logbooks of the Royal Infirmary.

Purpose / Function

Originally designed as an infirmary for the Royal Guard Of Orsholon, the facility is now used as a place of healing arts for the entire population of Lawcrane. Here, both magical and traditional healing techniques are combined to provide health services to the Lawcrane citizens as well as travflers.


Built originally as an annex to the Lawcrane Royal Guard Facility, it was built in the same gothic struture as the compound itself. Over time it has expanded to include storage facilities and long-term care. As such, the newer sections of the facility have less of an architectural flair, with the focus remaining on utility.


Lawcrane was overrun with criminal elements from thieves and assassins to pirates and brigands in its first years as a port city. As the Orsholon influence grew, the Royal Family wanted to bring order to the city, seeing it as an important hub for trade. They made plans to build a Royal Guard outpost in Lawcrane and began construction.  
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In those early days, there were many confrontations between the more nefarious denizens of the city and the Royal Guard. Many of these confrontations were bloody, especially when dealing with some of the pirates. A medical facility was hastily created, beginning with a few tents, and later, small structures.   As the city grew, the fights between the Guard and the criminals became fewer, but there was a growing need for healing arts among the citizenry. It made sense to the Royal Family that the facility should be expanded, and once again, they instructed their engineers to design a more permanent and flexible facility.   Today, the facility comprises 7 buildings. The main building features emergency facilities where care is provided to those in the most urgent need. There are two long-term care buildings where patients can rest and recuperate after healing acts have been performed. Two more buildings act as treatment facilities and are located adjacent to the long-term care facilities. The last two buildings are administrative and educational facilities, acting as locations for managing the hospital and teaching new techniques to the resident healers.


Medical "tourism" has begun to emerge in the Kingdom of Orsholon, as the medical advancements discovered by a wealthy country help fund newer and more effective techniques. Many from Baduhm and Chadigartu come to Lawcrane for medical treatment, especially those with life-threatening or chronic diseases.   To date, most of these practices are treated without charge as the Royal Family feels that they should take care of all that enter its boundaries. But this tourism is beginning to cause problems at the hospital, taking up care beds for lesser maladies and for individuals whoo are not residents. This is beginning to be a concern for locals who believe they might be denied services if the practice continues.
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