Mehnfrehm (MEHN-frem)

The individual who finds the Mehnfrehm will have access to unbelievable knowledge and power. If they can return it to use.
— Author unknown
  The mehnfrehm were machines designed to process information. It is unknown as to whether any of the 5 mehnfrehm still exist, as their locations were lost to time after the Cataclysm. It is believed that if anyone were able to find these machines and get them back in working order, they might have access to all the information regarding technology that existed in ancient Urnati. Of course, this has made finding the mehnfrehm a priority for those looking for power, as well as those, like the Dyan who intend to stop technology from returning to its former state.   It is known that the mehnframe were located underground.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mehnfrem were powered with the same energy sources as the rest of ancient Urnati, and were very power-hungry devices. They used nano-circuitry based on light to process at incredible speeds, but even so, would create a great deal of heat. Because of this, they required massive cooling systems to keep the machine from overheating and to make them more efficient.   As a result, they were often placed underground. It is believed Torgaro Industries were the group that created the complexes where the mehnfrehm were located, but the company was lost in the Cataclysm as were virtually all of Urnati's greatest achievements. The Torgaro Family is now the Royal Family of Orsholon, but they have made clear that they have no records of where these mehnfrehm were located.

Manufacturing process

The parts for the mehnfrehm were built in nearby factories for efficiency, so that aminimum amount of time from build to installation could be achieved. When a new processor was developed or miniaturized, the production version was often installed within minutes of its completion.


On Urnati, prior to The Cataclysm much of the information was processed through centralized processing centers. At the heart of these centers were mehnfrehm, large devices designed to accept information, process it, then produce results that could be shared with others, or used for further processing. In some cases, the mehnfrehm were tasked with creating simulations, including those related to matter/anti-matter containment and control.   If these machines were able to be brought back to life, technology on Arnathia might take giant leaps forward. They also might empower those with less altruistic ideas.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Related Technologies
There are believed to be only 5 mehnfrehm on Arnathia, if they still survive. Their locations have been lost to time.
Believed to be over 1000 pounds
Base Price
100,000 pp (at a minimum)
Raw materials & Components
The mehnfrehm were constructed from various metals as well as materials of a more flexible nature, with some connecting parts as thin as a human hair.   These were assembled into circuitry and modular components. These modular components were primarilyt storage devices and additional processors, allowing the mehnfrehm to be explanded whenever it was deemed ncessary.   From there, various metal tubes and pipes were used to carry cooling fluid to and from the mehnfrehm, keeping the machines running smoothly, efficiently, and with a minimum of malfunction.
The technology used to build the mehnfrehm was further miniaturized and used to make control devices for other machines. In this way, even smaller versions of the processors could be made, allowing the upgrade of the mehnfrehm. These caused the price of these smaller devices to drop, allowing them to be used in everything from information terminals in a home to helping control giant earth movers. Nanometer sized connections seemed to be virtually indestructible in daily use.


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