Merchants of Tremer

We're so glad you stopped by!   The merchants of Tremer is an organization focused on filling the needs of the businesses in the Village of Tremer on the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road.   We assist in settling disputes, maintain the common areas such as roads, and direct travelers who are in need of assistance. We are happy to assist one and all, at no charge.


There is generally one representative from each merchant and all sit as a council to resolve issues. There is no one specific person, but may defer to Kelcie Sarallard

Public Agenda

  • Maintain public services in Tremer
  • Promote Tremer as a safe, comfortable place for travelers
  • Resolve any disputes between merchants
  • Arrange trade deals with Orsholon City and Lawcrane


The group has no assets of its own, but merchants are expected to all contribute when repairs or upgrades are made in the village.

For The Good of Tremer


  • Tremer Open Air Market
    Here the Merchants of Tremer come to sell and trade their wares. While the line-up of merchants may change from time to time, the ones shown here are likely to be there every single day.
  • Dragon's Stein Tavern
    The Dragon's Stein Tavern, owned and operated by Royston Ranald in the village of Tremer
Founding Date
Financial, Merchant League


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