Niaholm Fungus Mine

Be careful there my friend. Them spores are worth a fortune. Just one of those buttons can be worth a thousand platinum pieces. That's than you and I make in a year combined.
— Mushroom gatherer in the Niaholm Fungus Mine


The mine is protected by a team of heavily armed Syndicate goons who ensure that nothing enters or exits the mine without proper approval. They are also responsible for searching miners as they come out of the mine to ensure they are not taking anything from the mine for themselves.

Industry & Trade

The mine and it's supporting buildings are supported entirely by the trade in the fungi. The Syndicate takes a cut of everything that comes out of the mine, but they are only interested in controlling specific varieties. Some of the more common edible varieties are sold out to markets from Orshol0n to Chadigartu, and are an important part of the mine's revenue stream.


The mine is located at the southeast base of Mt. Niaholm, and its existence has only recently been confirmed. It consists of a series of lava tubes that were likely formed thousands of years ago when Mt. Niaholm was part of an active volcanic region. The tubes run deep under the mountain, and because of the moisture from melting snow high above, maintain a humidity that is ideal for the growth and reproduction of fungi.   The tunnels are elongated, with nooks and crannies. Most interconnect approximately one mile into the mountain. Further than that, the lava tubes are no longer suitable for growing fungi as the heat from the rocks makes the enviroment inhospitable for their growth.   On the surface are a few buildings for the on-site fungus farmers who live and work at the mine. They live an isolated life, and there are less than 50 individuals living in the area. Water is sourced from wells just outside the mine, and the few roads are hard pan dirt.


The mine is home to dozens of different fungal varieties, most of which have found their way into compounds and psychotropic substances produced in Pekubogo Monin. While it is not outwardly obvious, the mine is run by the Calaun Crime Syndicate, who want control of the crop coming out of the mine. This allows them to more tightly control the flow of some of the base materials for potions, elixirs and poultices that are popular in Pekubogo Monin, as well as some of the more illicit substances they traffic throughout the Nawal Sea coastline.


Tourism is forbidden at the mine, and is highly unlikely in any case. Located at the eastern edge of the Muioqa Desert, it is not on any common road, nor are there any things of real interest here. The Syndicate guards watch for incoming vehicles, due to the desolate nature of the surrounding area, can see anyone approaching for miles. Rather than allow someone to approach, they will ride out tomeet them and "persuade" them to return from whence they came.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
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Shroom Central
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