Orsholon City

Capital of the kingdom of Orsholon

Orsholon City is the capital city of the Kingdom of Orsholon, founded on the ruins and remains of a city obliterated by the blast of the Cataclysm. It is the seat of power for the Kingdom, and within its walls is the Royal Castle.


Orsholon City is primarily made up of humans, dwarves, and elves, although some half-orcs are also present. A variety of other races are also represented.


Orsholon City is under the direct rule of the King of Orsholon, currently King Roigos II of Orsholon. While he has many advisors for both city and kingdom matters, all decisions go through the king.   There are City Councillors for Administration, Finance, Infrastructure, Public Safety, Housing and Tourism.   These are in addition to the King's advisors for the same matters on a kingdom-wide basis.   Each of these departments has a small staff to help administer the laws and regulations.   As a whole, both the city and the country are governed fairly and efficiently.


The primary means of defense for the city is the massive wall surrounding it. While there have been no real attacks in centuries, the Royal Guard Of Orsholon is constantly in training and preparation. On the southwest side of the city is a faire grounds which also doubles as a training and proving grounds for the guard.   Also, it is not unheard of for nobles and even the Royal Guard to hire from outside the city when a little extra muscle is needed. Among those who have done business are Skaltar Shadowfall and The Buckler.

Industry & Trade

Orsholon has a robust trade industry with skilled craftspeople, superior blacksmiths, and of course, unequalled mining. A kingdom of merchants and finance, Orsholon City has benefited from the savvy leadership of the Royal Family since the days after the 30-Year-Winter.


The city was built on the ruins of an ancient pre-Cataclysm settlement of a substantial size. As such, there were many infrastructure elements that did not need to be built, but rather just refurbished. But even so, much information was lost during the 30-Year-Winter and the original purpose for much of it is no longer known.   For example, it is believed the tunnels beneath the city are a sewer system, but the purpose of long metal tubes filled with thin strands of metal covered in a sheath of pliable material remains unknown. Some believe it was part of an ancient communication system, others to transmit some type of force.   The city is built primarily on a square grid system with the Orsholon Royal Castle and Compound at the center. North of the compound is the more wealthy region of the city. To the west, the Orsholon Academic District. To the south, the Orsholon Crafts District. And to the east, the Orsholon Industrial District.   The city is surrounded by a high wall, guarded approximately every 500' by a guard tower or turret. Access to the city is limited to Orsholon City - Main Gate at the southeast edge of the city.   At the eastern edge of the city, the Orsholon River flows through the city wall through iron grates that are thick enough to resist virtually any attack and with spaces too small for all but the smallest of animals to pass. This allows fish to travel up and downstream and giving the city a way to being fish to citizens without having to travel all the way to Lawcrane. Fishing is, however, restricted, to ensure the continued availability for the fish in the future.


Orsholon is the location of seat of the Kingdom of Orsholon, and as such, all the riches and resources of the Kingdom are held here primarily. The surrounding mountain ranges have deep, rich deposits of gold, silver, platinum, ruby, emerald, diamond and Blackglass.   The Kingdom is also a trade hub for all of Arnathia, and the Orsholons are considered the most equitable and easy to work with traders on the planet.

Guilds and Factions

In a city the size of Orsholon City, there are bound to be many guilds. Two of the largest are the Biaiu Ope (Artists Community) and the Gimalin Iq (Mining Group). These influential groups are powerful, with enough members and wealth to sway many citizens of the city, as well as in the Kingdom.   But perhaps the most powerful is the Gekibuie Basameknu (Trader's Organization). While other groups must request a meeting with the King and his advisors, the GB has regularly scheduled meetings. This is a testament to the importance and power of trade in the Kingdom.


Orsholon was built on the ruins of an ancient city destroyed in the events of the Cataclysm and the 30-Year-Winter. While many of the underground features (such as the sewers) remained intact, virtually everything above ground was leveled.   Many citizens were saved by entering the interconnected mines north of the city site. But the impossible conditions outside and the bare nature of the mines made for a hard, difficult generation underground. Many died of starvation. Others of cold, as using extensive fires caused death from excessive smoke and gases. In one occasion, a flame lit near a chasm in one mine triggered an explosion that tore through the mine, killing more than 100 citizens.   Over time, one family in particular moved to the fore as leaders of the remaining citizens. The Torgaro Family was comprised of miners and traders from the pre-Cataclysm age. They led the efforts to make the mines habitable and to find ways to feed the citizens through the harsh years-long winter. They found sources of water within the rock and came up with ways to grow tuberous vegetables deep within the mines. By the time they were able to leave the mines, the Torgaros had been bestowed the title of Royal Family, and Rens Torgaro was named the first King of Orsholon.   By the time the 30-Year-Winter had passed, roads had been either washed away, eroded, or overgrown. The vast majority of the population, more than 85%, had perished. But one thing Orsholon had an abundance of was raw materials. For the first 60 years after emerging from the caves, there was no real trade to be found, so citizens were focused on rebuilding the city with a strong wall to hopefully protect them from another Cataclysm. Rock was mined from the mountains and shaped by the stonecutters. It took nearly 20 years to encircle the city with a strong stone wall, complete with towers and internal barracks sites for the newly formed Royal Guard.   Once the walls had beem completed, work began on the Orsholon Royal Castle and Compound. Major construction was completed in 3263 BTG. There are rumors that there is a hidden set of tunnels that travel from the castle to the mines in the mountains north of the city, but if there are, no one will confirm it.   From that time forward, the city became a hub of trade and craftmanship. Mining continued to carry on, providing the city and the kingdom the means to become the wealthiest, if smallest, country on Arnathia.


Orsholon City is in a flat plain nestled in the bend of the Rinzeremel Mountains. The Orsholon River has it's headwaters to the north of the city and runs ESE to the ocean.   The city sits at about 3,500 ft. in altitude, and there are thic, evergreen and deciduous forests surrounding the city walls.   Just outside the city along the river are many farms that draw their irrigation from the river.

Natural Resources

Ores from the mines to the north feature iron, copper, silver and a small amount of platinum. In addition, the mines produce gemstones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and blackglass.   Lumber is readily available from the nearby forests and forestry is managed to ensure the rate of cutting is not exceeding growth.
Orsholon City
Top Down Map of Orsholon City
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  • Orsholon City
    Top Down Map of Orsholon City
Inhabitant Demonym
Orsholons / Orsholonians
Owning Organization


... 3365 BTG

Prior to the Cataclysm, a city existed on the site that would become Orsholon City. It was wiped out in the event.

The Mines

3365 BTG 3337 BTG

During the 30-Year-Winter, survivors of the Cataclysm scraped and clawed their way to making a life.

The Emergence

3335 BTG 3333 BTG

The 30-Year-Winter ends and the survivors emerge from the mines to rebuild.

The Construction

3332 BTG 3263 BTG

The city is rebuilt.


3263 BTG 2602 BTG

Orsholon City grows in wealth and influence

Current Era

2602 BTG and beyond


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