Orsholon Vault N1 - Interior

May we one day find the means to reanimate the tools and technologies that once made our world great.   Until then, these items must remain safe from those would would use them for evil.
— Rens Torgaro, first King of Orsholon
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Vault N1

  Vault N1 is one of the smaller vaults in the sector, but also one of the most closely guarded.   Inside this vault, prototypes of new technology were kept, as well as blueprints for those technologies. At the time of the Cataclysm, this included some unfinished prototypes, some archived working models, and some surplus.   All of these items are now considered Ene, and possession of these items by civilians is illegal across Arnathia.   Items requiring a power source may or may not work. The power sources and the manufacture of them were destroyed in the blast, but it is possible that the devices themselves may have survived due to being kept so deeply in the vaults. But without a power source, it is impossible to know.   Also stored here are some Hollow Chits (Pokoki Esim). While regarded as
Some things are not myths. Some are documented facts.
by most, those with access to Vault N1 know they are real, but without the hardware to read them, they are nothing but artifacts for now.


The vault is 30'x20' with 15' ceilings at their peak. The ceilings arch gently, meeting the walls at about 12'. The vault features a massive door as an entrance. The inside of the vault door features a safety mechanism that allows the door to be opened from the inside incase of accidental (or intentional) closure from the outside.   The vault is constructed of concrete and is rectangular with rounded corners.


The vault door is the entry to the vault, although there are two ventilation ducts that could be large enough for a small human or child to pass. The ventilation shafts are part of a large, labyrinthine network of air channels built into the concrete structure, and at one time connected to air handling units on the surface.

Sensory & Appearance

With no power sources, the vault has a dark, ominous feel, as it is only lit by torchlight. There is an oil lamp mounted to the wall inside the vault door, leaving sooty marks on the concrete above it.   The scent of the room is that of centuries old concrete, cold and a little musty. Without external forces, the room stays fairly cool year-round, never really changing.   The walls are lined with storage shelves stacked with crates. The crates are marked "Property of the Kingdom of Orsholon". There is no indication what is in the crates, although they are individually numbered.   Down the middle of the vault, there are additional shelves, also holding crates and boxes of varying sizes.
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