Pewamro (peh-WAHM-roh)

They're cursed, I tell ye. I've never been down to the bottom of the Gorge, but I've been far enough that ah saw their red glowin' eyes and heard their moaning and screams. They're Hellspawn, I swear.
— Muioqa Desert guide
  Before The Cataclysm, there existed a nomadic tribe known as the Pewamro. They primarily inhabited the area north of the eastern Rinzeremel Mountains at the edges of the Muioqa Desert. They were traders and also acted as carriers for equipment to and from the MZS - Muioqa Zimomel Sopom that was too difficult to carry by other means. Their equipment was legendary for the amount of weight and bulk that it could move across the harsh desert landscape.   When the blast from The Cataclysm hit, most of the Pewamro were killed instantly, vaporized by the blast. Some, however, survived - of it can be called that. At least one group of Pewamro is believed to have survived by sheer chance. The cataclysmic blast created shockwaves that cracked and split the earth, creating want is now known as Puqopen Navu, or the Forbidden Gorge. This chasm is very deep amd very warm. It is believed the surviving Pewamro sought to survive by entering the gorge. The warmer gorge temperatures would likely have helped them survive the deadly temperatures ofThe 30-Year Winter   From there, most of their history is unknown, except for excerpts and stories brought back by travellers to the region.  
I endeavoured to travel into the chasm. My curiosity had been peaked with tales of unimaginably disfigured and cursed creatures living below. If you are reading this, then the chances are I have not returned from this trip. I can say that what I have seen in the Gorge is both terrifying and heartbreaking. These people are not demons. They are horribly disfigured individuals who have somehow survived the heat and the dangers of the Gorge to survive. Barely
— Excerpt of letter written by Oswin Denmane, Orsholonian adventurer and researcher.
  In this case, the researcher was able to travel deep into the Gorge and make contact with the Pewamro. What he found, according to his writings, were a group of people who had not only been disfigured by the ravages of mutated genetics, but had been isolated from outside contact. They spoke a language of their own, farily simplistic, and which had obviously developed in response to the stimuli around them   Denman also wrote of the harsh conditions they lived under, including the various lava vents at the depths of the Gorge, the intense heat in some areas, the scarcity of water, and their hunt for food. The Pewamro had adapted to all of these, using the lava vents for heating raw materials and food. Water they accessed by digging into underground river pockets.   Food, however, required more ingenuity. They learned to grown many items underground, including some tubers and fungi that did not require much light. In addition, they developed a beneficial relationship with the birds that lived above them in the gorge. The birds, descendants of ravens, enjoyed collecting shiny objects for their nests. The Pewamro would trade gems they dug from the chasm walls and caves for meat brought back by the birds. The scraps were not plentiful, but the birds soon fell into a routine of bringing the Pewamro meat after feeding their young. In some cases, the birds adopted some of the Pewamro, acting as protectors.   Back on the surface, however, the Pewamro were mainly talked about in mythical and frightening terms. They have been called cursed and Hellspawn by those who have never actually seen them. The stories about their disfigurement and their relationship with the birds is twisted into tales of them riding the beasts into battle or swooping in on unsuspecting travelers to attack them.  
I'm tellin ya', my brother's mate 'ad a friend whose uncle's mother-in-law knew someone who seen them Hellspawn. They've got bright red beady eye, sharp fangs and wingson their backs like demons! I swear it on the Emmisaries!
— Lawcrane sailor telling his version of the Pewamro.
  One things that has been verified multiple times is the detail of red eyes. This is apparently due to an adaptation for living in dark for most of the year. Their pupils can open wider than the average individual's, and collect light extremely well. They are able to see great distances in low light, and sometimes, their eyes reflect back light in a way that makes the eye appear red.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
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