Royal Guard Of Orsholon


The Royal Guard is headed by the Chief of the Royal Forces.   Below the Chief are the heads of the Royal Shield, the Orsholon Royal Infantry and the Orsholon Royal Navy.   The Royal Shield's leader is the Captain of the Royal Shield. Their identity is kept secret to ensure the security of the Royal Family.   The Royal Infantry is led by the High General of the Orsholon Infantry, who oversees all units of the Royal Infantry. The infantry also acts as a lawkeeping force within Orsholon, assisting local law enforcement efforts and carrying the weight of royal edict.   The Royal Navy is the kingdom's law enforcement arm on the high seas. While relatively small, they are a force to be reckoned with, and are based in Lawcrane.


The Royal Guard's motto says everything you need to know about them: Zupoion, Wal, Konaga - Family, Country, Honor.   As it is a volunteer organization, those who are members are there by choice, and take their roles seriously. Men and women are accepted and treated as equals, including in all fitness tests.   Promotion is based on merit and reviewed by a panel of superiors and peers, providing a good basis for the respect of others in the branches.   They are paid well, and taken care of by the Royal Treasury should any harm befall them.   Most aspire to an assignment on the Royal Shield, but very few are selected.

Public Agenda

The Royal Guard's first and foremost role is the defense of the Kingdom of Orsholon. When called upon, the guard can amass as many as 8,000 troops in a matter of days. They were, in fact, called upon in 3084 BTG by King Jiten Torgaro to defend and work to end the Border Wars between Orsholon and Baduhm.   They are now mainly a peacekeeping force, since there have been no major conflicts since The Gathering.


The Royal Guard has two main compounds, one in Orsholon City (inside the Orsholon Royal Castle and Compound), and in Lawcrane. The Lawcrane compound also features facilities for the Royal Navy.   As the Kingdom's treasury is vast, the craftsmen in Orsholon are kept busy maintaining the Guard's weapons and defenses, as well as creating new gear for the use of the Guard.


The Royal Guard was first created in 3345 BTG, as the wall around Orsholon City was completed. King Rens Torgaro of Orsholon realized that as their kingdom grew, they would need a force to defend it. He called upon some of the strongest and smartest to create a volunteer force. From the mountain regions, they recruited skilled fighters who had survived the The 30-Year Winter. From the beginning, this force was treated with respect and honor, and the same was expected of them. Rens and his advisors knew that a military force always had the possibillity of turning on the royalty if they were unsatisfied with their lot. For this reason, service in the military was always treated as a position of honor.   For nearly two centuries, the Royal Guard protected the kingdom and would fight in small skirmishes, never really being tested. But in 3168 BTG, the Border Wars began. At first smaller skirmishes along the border, these grew in intensity until the Baduhm made inroads towards the capital. The Badugm army took great losses trying to seize the capital, but not until after a month-long siege. The war continued for nearly 100 years.   When King Jiten began his reign in 3084 BTG, he vowed to make the Baduhm pay. He amassed 2000 troops and marched them straight to Baduhm. They took no prisoners. Women and children who did not fight were spared, but the men who fought were destroyed.  
When the enemy strikes, we strike back in kind. But to stop them from striking, we must make them fear our wrath and run from our might!
— King Jiten Torgaro
  There were small skirmishes after the end of the Border Wars, but never again was Orsholon attacked outright.   After the Gathering, war had become virtually pointless. Disagreements between nations were settled peacefully through negotiation, with only small border squabbles occasionally popping up and usually squelched just as quickly.   During the time since the Gathering, The Royal Guard has mainly been a peace-keeping and law enforcement force. Nevertheless, they train and stand ready should the sovereignty and peace of Orsholon be threatened.
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Zupoion, Wal, Konaga - Family, Country, Honor

Founding Date
3345 BTG
Military, Other
Alternative Names
The Royal Defense
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
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