Sani Rakia Ike (SAH-nee RAH-kee-ah EE-keh)

This stuff is potent. No, seriously, it's really strong. Be careful who you use it on. You may not be able to get rid of them afterward. Why do you think I have three wives?
— A friend warning about the strength of Sani Rakia Ike


Origin & Source

In the years after the Cataclysm, many had trouble making personal connections with other survivors. While they shared a kinship, they could not connect as well romantically. This troubled some of the elder leaders, as repopulating the planet was the only way to ensure survival of the various peoples. A group of former scientists, mainly botanists, thought they might have a solution.   By combining the petals of certain roses with the citrus-like fruits that were found in Baduhm, as well as some minerals and herbs found only in the East Rinzeremel Mining Region, they began to experiment with an organic compound they called Sani Ramia. This group, nicknamed the Searchers were led by a Chadi botanist named Umaiza Rueman, known to most as Madame Rue.   The first versions featured a fermented root that darkened the liquid to that resembling a think black ink, with a pungent, earthy scent and a bit of a kick. this had the desired effect of increasing the amorous intent of the individual drinking it, but proved far too powerful and had the added side effect of causing the individual to lose track of time and the ability to discern day from night.   Since then, there have been eight more formulations, each refining on the previous. The ninth version is what is currently traded and is a highly sought after export of Pekubogo Monin, supporting a very large portion of their economy, despite neing illegal to possess in most regions.

Life & Expiration

The potion is fairly volatile once exposed to oxygen, and loses efficacy quickly if not consumed. An opened bottle will lose potency at a rate of 50% every 4 hours once the wax seal has been pierced.

History & Usage


Since the first introduction of Sani Rakia, it has been used to help individuals regain or enhance their ability to feel romantically attached to another individual. This was seen by the Searchers as key to the survival of the Arnathian peoples after they emerged from their shelters in the aftermath of The Cataclysm and the The 30-Year Winter.   The original formulation was heinous to imbibe, with a strong flavor and scent. This was seen as an impediment, and work began to improve the consumability of the later formulations.   Currently, Sani Rakia is in its 9th formulation, but there is rumour of a 10th version floating around Pekubogo Monin. Previous versions have had mixed success.


  • Version 1: Dark, inky black with earthy scent and taste. Relatively unpalatable, and overly potent.
  • Version 2: Root that darkened the potion was swapped out for leaves of the same plant. Flavor and color improved, but still very bitter. Potency dropped dramatically, requiring far more for effect to manifest.
  • Version 3: Root plant eliminated entirely, newly discovered fungi added. Flavor closer to version 1. Version is more clear, but the floating spores make it difficult to swallow.
  • Version 4: Complete failure. High potency, with unintended side effects. One test subject lost consciousness for three days, then woke up claiming he had seen the future, and it was purple. No one was able to determine what he meant. He recovered.
  • Version 5: Back on track. Spores removed, flower petals, including those from the Twin Sun Rose added. Potency more reasonable, and liquid is clear, although a bit syrupy.
  • Version 6: Citrus oils added to cut the thickness and sweetness of the potion. Potency reduced as a result.
  • Version 7: Extract from previous root added. Potency increased dramatically, but long-term efficacy of potion reduced.
  • Version 8: Liquid made of fermented rose petals substituted for petal extract. Potency reduced slightly, but lasting effect of potion increased.
  • Version 9: Current version. Filtering of compound increases purity and immediate effectiveness, but reduces it's potency quickly after exposure to oxygen.
  • Note: Version 10, also known as Sani Rakia Win, is not an official compound created by the Searchers. It is believed to be extremely potent and have effects on more than emotional romance. It has been touted as a physical "enhancer" as well. This has made it highly sought after. However, since it has not been officially tested, it is not openly sold. There is also speculation that Version 10 is actually Version 9 repackaged, and that any additional effects or potency are in the mind of the user.

    Everyday use

    Sani Rakia Ike is used to enhance romantic feelings in an individual. If an individual consumes a dose, they will "imprint" on the first person they see, feeling an overwhelming desire to be with that individual, and an emotional approximation to love. The length of the effect can vary from an hour to many days, depending on the individual. When the effect wears off, the focus on imprinted individual begins to wane, and it is up to this person to maintain the relationship.   Some individuals, however, have been known to use this potion on others by pouring a dose into a drink, This will only work in cold drinks as heat will destroy the active compounds. This use is not only frowned upon, but is illegal everywhere, including "no holds barred" Pekubogo Monin. Anyone caught using it in this manner may face prison time. The use of this compund is restricted to consensual use.


    Trade & Market

    They only authorizxed manufacturers are located in Pekubogo Monin, and this is a major trade item for the town. Those who go to the town can get it at the standard rate of 10gp. But outside of the town, the price can rise as high as 10x the standard value.   There is a growing underground market for Version 10, believed to be pushed mainly by the Calaun Crime Syndicate


    Vials are sealed with wax, and must be kept in a cool space.
    All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
    1 vial (2 doses) = 10gp
    Readily available from selected merchants
    Floral, mostly rose, but with a slight citrus note.
    Nearly tasteless, but has a faint sweetness with a hint of rose.


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