Search For The Mystic Trident

Hargus Offers A Bounty - And a Challenge


  In the Oswalt Valley to the west of the Aca Forest lies a cemetery and mausoleum, built for the Oswalt family. The Oswalts were a powerful and wealthy family prior to The Cataclysm. But with the catastrophic event, most of their holdings were destroyed, and the family disappeared. It is rumored that some of the family may have made their way to the mausoleum, but none have been seen since. It is likely they perished in the crypts below the mausoleum, which would have afforded them protection, but not much in the way of resources.   Every night, the valley fills with a thick purple fog that obscures the cemetery and all but the top of the mausoleum. While there are many rumors as to what the source of the fog is, no one has a definitive answer.  

How To Use This Adventure

  Elements in this adventure are separated into three distinct feature sets. Anything that is immediately visible is ok for the players to read. Of course, as we get deeper in the adventure, there is less and less that they can see of any real description.   Next come the "ALOUD" sections. These are currently in blue boxes, and are designed to be read by the GM to the players. A GM can either read these sections, or use them to guide their interpreation of what is to happen in each scene. Again, these are available to the players.   Finally, there are the "GM NOTE" sections. These are currrently set as spoilers, but upon launch they will be changed to a GM subsciber group and will not be visible without beinig part of that group. These are bits and pieces of information that the players should not have until they have accessed the encounter, if ever. These will have plot points and secrets that players should not have withouot discovering them themselves.  

Scene 1 - Dragon's Stein Tavern

  The party will begin in Tremer at the Dragon's Stein Tavern. The GM may use their discretion as to how the party has arrived at the Dragon's Stein, getting the party to a table and together for introduction of Hargus Hurryhouse   GM Information
Characters are at the Dragon's Stein Tavern and are approached by Hargus Hurryhouse about a favor he would like done. He is willing to pay handsomely to any who successfully return to him a specific artifact, a trident. The trident has three gems a green and a red on the outside tines, and a larger blue one on the middle tine. It is believed to be in the crypts below the Oswalt mausoleum on the other side of the Aca Forest. Hargus will not describe anything else about the trident, nor where it came from or its history, only that he will pay handsomely for it. In addition, Hargus will pay for their lodging at the Aerie Inn and will give them each 100 gold in advance to equip themselves.
Dragon's Stein Tavern
The Dragon's Stein Tavern, owned and operated by Royston Ranald in the village of Tremer
Outside the Dragon's Stein Tavern, there is a thick fog rolling through the village of Tremer. But inside, the drinks are flowing, the fire is warm, and the food hearty. As your party settles in for drinks and perhaps some grub, you are approached by a tall, bearded man in nobleman's clothes.   Hargus: Welcome adventurers! I hope you have had a good journey. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hargus Hurryhouse. May I join you for a moment?
  GM Note - If the party chooses "no"
NOTE: If the party decides to be recalcitrant and say no, Hargus will start to walk away, with a comment such as "Hmm. Too bad. I must have mistaken you for true adventurers. Someone else will claim the reward."
Hargus: I have need of some brave individuals for the retrieval of an item. I am willing to pay handsomely for its retrieval. In addition, I will pay for your meals here and lodging at the Aerie Inn. Interested?
  GM Note - Alternate Start
If the party is not interested, see below in Alternate Start
Hargus: Well my friends, let me explain to you what I am looking for. To the west of here is the Oswalt Valley, on the other side of the Aca Forest. There is a mausoleum there that was built for the Oswalts. At the time of the Cataclysm they were one of the most wealthy and influential families on all Arnathia. Because of this, they were able to gather a large collection of art and special items. It is one of these items I seek, and I believe it is still within the mausoleum or its crypts.   The item is a jeweled trident. The gems are not real, and its gold color is simply a coating. But it is of interest to me. I am willing to pay quite handsomely for its delivery.

Drink -

Item Today's Price
Old Ale - sharp and pungent 5 cp
Vodka 8 cp
Brown Ale - mild, slightly hoppy, nutty flavor 5 cp
Stout Ale - roasted barley, with raisin and molasses 5 cp
Khellanic Ale 9 cp
Burton Ale - strong, dark, sweet 5 cp
Golden Ale - malted 5 cp

Food -

Item Today's Price
Braised Oxtails with Mushrooms 8 sp
Smoked Fresh Trout Fillets 4 sp
Roasted and Smoked Port Spareribs 6 sp
Garlic and Basil Leg of Lamb 7 sp
Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich (The mutton is nice and lean...) 5 sp
Honey Glazed Carrots and Parsnips 3 sp
Kito's Spiced Potatoes 9 cp
Special - Smoked Fish Salad 6 sp
  GM Note
Hargus will not talk of actual sums or reward, only describing them as subtantial. He wil suggest to them that they can stay at the Aerie Inn next door, or replenish their supplies at the Tremer Open Market. He gives them a message written on hide stating that he will pay for anything they need, that the market operators need only send the bill to him. If they choose to stay the night at the Aerie Inn he will also pay for their lodging. He also pays upfront for their meal and drinks.
  Characters in the Dragon's Stein Tavern: Hargus Hurryhouse
  Royston Ranald - Barkeeper, Tavern owner.
  Fazius Argenta
  NPC 1
  NPC 2
  NPC 3
    Characters at Aerie Inn next door: Bellasiel Perxidor, Owner, operator
  NPC 4 - Clerk  
Tremer Open Air Market
Here the Merchants of Tremer come to sell and trade their wares. While the line-up of merchants may change from time to time, the ones shown here are likely to be there every single day.

Scene 2: Tremer Open Market

  The party will be able to stock up on supplies and armaments at the Open Market.GM Note
They will also be approached by the Relic Dealer, who asks if they are seeking the trident, and who will double anything Hargus promises them.
They can use any currency they have to purchase items from any merchant, as long as it is available.  
You arrive at the Open Air Market. Here, you'll find a variety of merchants, arranged in a circle around a central fire pit. You can quickly identify the butcher, grocer, tailor, blacksmith, cheese and dairy farmer, and a stall of various dry goods and wares.
General Pricing and Available Products
GM Note
Below is the information that may be gleaned from the various merchants:   Baker: There is a rumor of a water being in the lake at the eastern edge of the Aca Forest. It does not seem harmful, but perhaps mischievous.   Blacksmith: Hanging at the back of the blacksmith's tent near the coal forge is an ornate sword. The name Oswalt is engraved on the blade. This blade has NEVER been held by an Oswalt. In fact, it wasn't even commissioned by an Oswalt. The blacksmith has it because it was a payment to him from a traveler through town in exchange for repair of a wagon wheel metal rim. The blacksmith took it as payment because he really liked the ornate engraving on the blade and hilt. The sword is a rapier style, and has a bright purple gem in the pommel.   Should the party somehow get to hold the sword, or even come into possessing it, they will find the that the sword has the ability to parry by itself, seemingly moving the arms of the wielder into the right position to defend against the blow of any melee weapon, with only a 1 in 20 chance of missing.   Grocer: They fear the stories of the purple fog filling the Oswalt Valley at night. They tell stories of roaming spirits and people disappearing. They've never known anyone who these events have actually happened to, as in fact, they never have. But they tell the stories as fact nonetheless.   Dry Goods Dealers: They will tell of seeing the purple fog, and of a feeling of unease in the Aca Forest. But as they are traveling merchants, they have no real information to share.
  NOTE: NEED TO CREATE MENUS OF ITEMS AVAIALABLE AT EACH MERCHANT       Characters at Open Market:   Fubdo Barcellus   Blacksmith   Vanafindon Herrieth   Tailor   Dry Goods sellers (2)   Produce Sellers (3)   Relic Dealer  

Scene 3: On the Road

    The party travels from Tremer to the lake along the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road.GM Note
The GM should roll a d20. The outcomes are represented as follows:  
1-8No encounters for entire journey. Journey lasts to nightfall
9-15Easy encounter - The party comes across 3 wild dogs, who appear to be hungry and willing to kill for meat. No loot to be found. See Battle Encounters for description of dogs.
16-18Medium Encounter - The party is confronted by 5 bandits who are determined to rid them of their excess wealth. If three of the bandits are killed, the other two will run west to the forest to escape. They start at 10 paces. Roll 1d20. If the number is 1-10, add that distance between the bandits and the party. If the roll is 11-20, subtract 10, and that is the number of paces the party gains on the bandits.   Each party member then rolls 1d20. The process above is used to determine if each individual gains or loses ground on the bandits (losing ground could be from tripping, terrain, etc., but with no damage).   If the number of paces exceeds 50, the bandits lose the party. If the number of paces drops to 0 or below, the party catches the bandits, and has an advantage in any continued fighting. Bandits will not escape again.   If neither condition is met, there will be up to 5 rounds of the chasing. If the party has not caught them by this time, the bandits will escape.   See Battle Encounters for Bandit Description and loot.
19-20Hard Encounter - The party accidentally stumbles across a nest of fire beetles, 13 to be exact. The giant insects are disturbed and will fight to the death. See Battle Encounters for description. If the party kills them and searches the lair they came from, they will find a torn handkerchief, inside of which are 3CP, 2SP, 3GP, a lead amulet (The gem in it has a value of 2DU), and an old divination card showing a watery being rising from the water.
  Unless a 1-8 are rolled, encounters should happen near the beginning of the journey. If an encounter is indicated, the encounter will move through to completion, and the journey will continue. If any party member is injured and loses more than half of their health, the loot from the encounter will include sufficient doses of a healing potion that will heal half their damage immediately and the rest within an hour.   The encounters can be scaled to challenge the health and skill level of the player characters. This is left to the GM discretion.

Scene 4: Lake

As night falls, the party approaches the edge of the Aca Forest. On this eastern edge, they can make out that the road follows along the treeline at the southern shore of a small lake. At the northern end of the lake, a thick purple fog seems to be forming, but is confined to just a small area.   GM Note
As they approach the lake, all must roll 1d20. Any roll greater than 10 will cause that individual to see a humanoid shape swimming in the lake. All will hear a giggling and playful laugh as they approach.     Arrival at lake will always be just before nightfall. They will meet the water-being in the lake. If they handle the encounter correctly, they will receive information that will help them in the caves later.
The Lake.jpg

Scene 5: Aca Forest

  1-2 encounters in forest. Weather has an effect as well as darkness/light   Scene 6: Cemetery   This is the Oswalt family cemetery (the same name as on the mausoleum). All of the name have dates that indicate that the interments were all pre-Cataclysm, except one. This date is cosniderably after the Cataclysm, indicating soneone from the family survived the Cataclysm, and perhaps more than one. This marker will have a clue that will help inside the mausoleum.   There may be some wild animal encounters in this area.   Scene 7: Mausoleum   There are very few areas that look untouched. Anything of metal or precious materials has been stripped. The mausoleum is just one room, with several alcoves on each side. Each alcove is lined with niches, and in the center of teh alcove is a large marble tomb. All seem to have had their lids moved, two have their lids fallen and broken on the floor of the mausoleum.  
Oswalt Mausoleum.png
Scene 8: Crypts The crypts were the last refuge for the few Oswalts that remained after the Cataclysm. There are tombs down here, and signs of individuals who tried to survive with little or no food.   Random encounters may be possible. Also some loot available. The western side of the northern corridor in the crypts has been broken away and leads to a cave complex.  
Oswalt Crypts.png
Scene 9: Caves   Here a race of humanoid blind cavefish dwells. They are abominations that evolved after the Cataclysm, and have no eyesight. That, however, is no drawback, as their hearing, sense of smell and sensitivity to vibrations more than overcomes the lack of sight.   They also have a unique ability: They can manifest god-like abilities in a being or object of their choosing should enough believe similarly. This power is currently focused on Goras Zumzumin, giving the sea-elf godlike powers.   However, this power diminished with distance. The lair area for Goras is upstream in the cave system, and using his godlike powers, he can summon these creatures to his defense. The swim upstream between the caves and his lair.
Oswalt Cave Complex.png
Scene 10: Goras Lair   The big battle will take place here. The lair is crossed multiple times by underground rivers, and there are places where the river has broken through walls. Indeed, in the throne room, the river bisects the room, presenting a challenge for getting to the Goras.   Regardless of battle outcome, Goras will escape by heading upstream in the river, through a portcullis that he will trigger to keep from being followed. In addition, even if the portcullis is breached by the party, the tunnel wall falls below river level and the party will be unable to follow, allowing Goras to escape.   The only available exits from the lair are back through the caves, or through a long tunnel that exits from the south side of the lair, which opens at the northwest side of the Lake map.
Goras Lair.jpg
Scene 11: Escape If the party chooses to retreat through the caves, they will have to contend with more of the fish people. If, however, they choose the south exit from the throne room, they will follow a long dark corridor. The last 30 feet of this tunnel are booby-trapped, as they are designed to keep intruders from entering.   Scene 12: Lake   If the party gets past the booby traps, they will be at the northwest shore of the lake. If they previously had a good encounter with the water-being, they will receiver additional information/loot here. If the initial encounter went poorly, this will be a final battle.   Scene 13: Return to Tremer   Depending on time and/or GM discretion, there may be encounters on the way back to Tremer.   Scene 14: Meet with Hargus at Dragon's Stein.   If they return with the trident, Hargus will reward them handsomely. Loot will be assigned to the party in general, and the party will need to divide up the loot as they choose.       Encounters (0-3) along road to Lake Encounters (1-2) in forest     Goras Zumzumin   Jellyfish headed minions? Goras calls them his Jelly-Wellies. AKA Men-Of-War.   Also present are Kuo-Toa-like creatures, who are starting to believe Goras is a god.   Myconids   Skeletons   Zombies   Elemental water being   rats   relic Dealer   Locations:   Tremer Dragon's Stein Tavern Aerie Inn Tremer Open Market Aca Forest Lake Cemetery Mausoleum Crypts Caves   Items: Trident
This adventure is a work in progress. Still to be added are pre-generated PCs, loot and encounter details, and detailed descriptions.
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