Sopowowe Qebaro (SO-poh-woh-weh KEH-bah-roh)

There is a far away land, unseen since The Cataclysm, across the seas and around the world. Once a garden paradise, it has been lost to time. Many a sailor has taken to sea to find her, to no avail. If they return, they speak of terrible seas and torrential rains, of winds that tear sails asunder.   It is said the island is now lost to time. Perhaps, one day, we will know the truth.
— Master Sage Richa Springthorpe


What is know of the island is mired in myth and lore. No one alive has seen it. nor have any since The Cataclysm, as far as can be discerned.   But what has been written about Asantha is that it is likely more continent than island. Legend says it is the home of three volcanos, the largest of which has a caldera the rivals the size of the crater in the Muioqa Desert. It is also told that it has vast stretches of black sand beaches where lava from the volcanoes has flowed, and that much of the coastine is protected by reefs preventing any ship from approaching and landing. As no Arnathia is know to have ever set foot on Asantha, these details have never been confirmed.


Lore says that the island/continent is tropical in nature, with a diverse and healthy ecosystem. Large trees are believed to create a thick canopy, shielding the surface from harsh rays of the twin suns during the summer, and helping provide shelter in the winter. Anything on the island would have to be self-sustaining as there is no record of anything traveliing to the island.

Ecosystem Cycles

It is unknown what cycles are prevalent on the island. Based on its rumoured location, it would likely have hot, wet summers, while winters would be mild but frequented by tropical thunderstorms and perhaps even hurricanes.

Localized Phenomena

There is believed to be something that protects the island. The few who have returned from expeditions to find Asantha report that as they neared the location where it is believed to lie, storms gathered and grew worse as they approached. Before they got close enough to see anything through the stormy weather, the gale force winds and high seas forced them to abandon their attempts and return or risk foundering the ship.

Fauna & Flora

Prior to the Catalcysm, the island was a tropical paradise, with a wide variety of birds, primates and reptiles living in the forests, and a diverse ecosystem in the surrounding reefs. The jungle-like terrain at the base of the volcanic calderas was lush and thick, with high canopies filtering sunlight down to the forest floor.

Natural Resources

Asantha had been kept relatively pristine, as a haven for Urnatis wishing to escape the grind. There may have been some resources that were extractable, but over centuries that information has been lost, and it is unknown what remains.


Legend says that Asantha was once a highly regarded location for travel by Urnatis before The Cataclysm devastated the world. They are said to have traveled in airships across the vast oceans to reach Asantha. At the time, these fast airships could travel virtually anywhere on Urnati/Arnathia is just a few hours, with landing facilities throughout the world.   When the world was nearly destroyed by The Cataclysm however, these airships and the facilities to maintain them were wiped out. If anyone was on the island continent, they would have been stranded there and forced to survive through the 30-Year Winter. As most were tourists, they would only have had the items they brought with them, and whatever they could find. Of course, there were some residents on Asantha, and the volcanic nature of Asantha might have provided some form of protection from the cold. But they would have been cutoff from all other civilization.   To date, no one has ever returned from Asantha, and no one has made it there. It is unknown what is left of Asantha, and individuals who were left there so many centuries ago.


There is currently no tourism to Asantha, but prior to the Cataclysm, it was in fact a very desirable location for those with means. They would lounge on its beautiful beaches and enjoy the more wild aspects of nature there. Much of those natural sights had been developed to near extinction on the Urnati continent, and so Asantha provided a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Urnati.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
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