Stoneric Southernlion

Honored Sage Stoneric Southernlion (a.k.a. Stoney, Sage) (Call him anything but late for dinner)


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Stoneric Southernlion hails from the mountain regions of Orsholon. His family members were the backbone of a strong clan of dwarves who controlled and worked the Deepvein Mine, a rich source of gold, platinum and other precious metals.   Tragedy struck Stoneric's life just before he reached maturity, when a catastrophic cave-in killed nearly all of his clan. Stoneric swore he would never become a miner, but vowed he would work to find safer ways to mine. When he came of age, he left his small village and traveled to Orsholon City, where he worked with Orsholonian Directorate of Mining's Training Institute. There, he learned about the latest in mine safety, and was able to develop new techniques of his own design. After two years at the Institute, he left Orsholon City and traveled back to his village, where he put his new techniques to use to help them re-open the Deepvein Mine.   But this was not enough for young Stoneric. He wanted to continue his studies surrounding mining and geology, increasing his knowledge. In the ensuing years, Stoneric has become known as a sage specializing in all things geological. His connection to the land and to what lies below the surface is legendary. It is said he can tell what minerals are in the soil by just tasting it.


Spent time at the Training Institute of the Orsholon Directorate of Mining.


Stoneric is often hired as a consultant to minies and smelters, who rely on his expertise to find and refine ores. His work may often lead him to travel throughout Arnathia, and he is paid handsomely for his services.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Developed the Southernlion Sling, a safety device for use in mines where the geological structure is unknown or of questionable hardness. The sling runs under crossbeams in the ceiling of mine tunnels, and is designed to give miners enough time to escape before a tunnel caves in completely.

Mental Trauma

Stoneric is still haunted by the sound of the Deepvein Mine collapsing, a rumble and roar that was heard and felt up to 5 miles away. He lost most of his family that day, and has not forgotten it.

Intellectual Characteristics

Stoneric is extremely intelligent and inquisitive. He lives to learn, and while an expert in geology and mining, his general knowledge is almost encyclopedic.

Morality & Philosophy

Stoneric is very in touch with the earth and the forces of nature. While not exactly a druid, he believes the ground is where we all come from and where we all return. Therefore, he is protective of the ground, and believes his knowledge of geology and mining is a tool to protect the earth, and those who work beneath it.
Dark brown, with a squint.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned from the sun.
195 lbs.


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