The Royal Shield

The Shield will surround us and protect us, like the hand of Ranoh himself.
— King Jiten, 8th King of Orsholon



Thirty individuals strong, The Shield maintains this number at all times. If for some reason a member is unable to perform their duties, they are immediately replaced by another elite Royal Guard member.


The Shield is led by a Captain. Because of the nature of the group, they do not wear insignia on their uniform. Each appears to be equal to the others. Nevertheless. the Captain directs the tactics, organization, and priorities of the group.


Culled from the best of the Royal Guard, members of The Shield include the brightest and most skilled of the branch. Candidates spend six months training in the mountains north and west of the capitol, enduring the heat and cold and learning tactics for protection of the Royal Family of Orsholon.



Very little has ever been made public about The Shield. It is known that as the most elite group in the Royal Guard, their cost must be substantial. In addition, their base of operations and in fact all supply information is kept secret. It is believed, however, that they have a stronghold deep in the sewers of Orsholon City.


Members are recruited from the most elite of the Royal Guard. They must have already shown their skills and loyalty. Less than 1% of the Guard are eligible and there are few openings. As such, there is always a surplus of candidates awaiting their turn.   While age is not a factor, it is very rare that recruits have less than five years of experience in the Royal Guard. In addition, guardsmen who are married are forbiddden from joining The Shield, as their families become potential levers against them, and thus a security risk for the Royal Family.


The Shield was formed in 3079 BTG by Jiten Torgaro, 8th King of Orsholon. At the time, the Kingdom of Orsholon had been at war with Baduhm Sovereignty for decades. Jiten wanted this war to end, and he would lead it. But he was aware that the Baduhm were likely to try to infiltrate Orsholon in an attempt to assassinate him.   Jiten hand-selected members of the Royal Guard for an elite group that would act as protection for himself and the rest of the Royal Family. The size of the group, 30 members, was chosen as it allowed for smaller groups to carry out individual protection missions while still leaving a larger group surrounding King Jiten and the Royals.   The Shield has been maintained for nearly 4,300 years.

Historical loyalties

The Shield is loyal to the Royal Family, and are pledged to protect them at all costs, including their lives.
3079 BTG
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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