The Will of Wasam Sunuli

I am Wasam Sunuli. I make this will for posterity. I was a leading technologist for the Urnati people.   In the year 4263, a great tragedy wiped out most of Urshalin City. I was among the fortunate to survive, if you can call it that. My family, friends, and colleagues were vaporized from the face of Urnati in seconds. I was spared as I had come down to the vaults to do some research on previous power transmission prototypes. Would that I had perished with them.   I write this final document as a testament and if you are reading this, I am dead. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have had any food, and what little water I was able to find has been depleted. I have limited access to the vaults, nor any real knowledge off what is in them. Even the large warehouse vaults have stymied my attempts to open them.   It is dark, darker than I could have ever imagined. Even after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, there is so little ambient light that it feels like living inside an inkwell. I have made few excursions out of N1, but never far as I ifear I might not find my way back.   The air is stagnant as the air handlers have been destroyed. I have made it to the surface once or twice in the past week, but nothing is left. With no food or water, traveling across this wasteland would only serve to feed the ravenous animals that somehow survived the blast. Even from afar, they seem ravenous, and somehow changed.   Nothing is left above ground. Against the hills, there are giant mounds of debris, twisted metal, and the occasional bone, although of what species it is hard to tell. There is a foul smell, like that of burned hair and concrete. Much of the steel that made up the structure of buildings is melted into twisted, horrific piles.   There were guards with me the first few days, but they went above ground to try to find help. I have not seen them since. I do not know their fate.   I have no possessions. All has been lost. Any connection to this world for me has been erased. I wait for my inevitable death. I pray that it is in my sleep.   What have we done?
— Wasam Sunuli
Record, Memo
Authoring Date
3365 ATG - (4263 of Urnati Calendar)
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