Torgaro Industries

A family turns their business into an empire. And loses it in a flash.


The Torgaro Family held all the top positions in the company.   Torgaro Industries had multiple divisions, but at the end of it's existence, the main organziation was comprised of the following divisions:  

Mining and Engineering

The Mining and Engineering Division included all mining operations. It also included the heavy equipment construction and maintenance operations. Also included were smelting, foundry and extraction operations.  


The Trade Division managed logistics for trade networks, as well as running transportation and warehousing operations. Also included were the clearinghouses for gems and precious metals markets.  


When the Torgaros began smelting and extracting minerals, they realized they could also act as financiers, lending gold to individuals and businesses - for a profit, of course. At the time of the Cataclysm, most countries relied on Torgaro finance operations to manage currency, such as it was used.  

Public Safety

  The Public Safety Division was created as an offshoot of the Mining and Engineering Division. The Torgaros saw that while they had innovated safety procedures and equipment for the mining inidustry, many of these same innovations could apply to the general public. This division worked on a variety of projects related to increasing public safety.  

Research and Development

This division was the most secretive and protected at Torgaro Industries. Here was the birthplace of all of the Torgaro Industries most innovative designs and creations. The secrecy was not about competition, since the Urnati Global Compact virtually eliminated competition in favor of public good. Instead, secrecy was maintained so that untested or nascent ideas did not enter the publlic sphere before they were known to be safe.


Becoming a part of the team at Torgaro Industries was as good as becoming part of the family. The company culture was that of inclusion, innovation, and care for fellow Urnatis. As an example, when the Urnati Global Compact was originally discussed, the Torgaros were firm supporters.   Compensation for emmbers of the team was not in gold, or silver, or credits. Instead, it was in the form of obtaining needs for the team member. For example, a home was provided for them. Continuing education was supplied to them. Food and transportation were freely given and replenshed. Truly, all needs of a team member were taken care of, as if they were family.

Public Agenda

Very simply, the company's agenda was to improve the lives of Urnatls. While it began as a profit-making enterprise, the Torgaros had reached a point where their wealth far exceeded their needs and desires. At this point, they decided that altruism in the guise of business would be a worthy goal.   Torgaro team members were first in line when being taken care of, but also the first to help others. If a natural disaster occured, Torgaro Industries team members were there on the front lines assisting before virtually anyone else.


There is no way to actually measure what Torgaro Industries' assets were before the Cataclysm. They were vast, and seemingly endless. But the company was considered one of, if not the most deeply funded in the world prior to the Urnati Global Compact.


As mentioned in the history of the The Torgaro Family, the family was known for ther high level of skill and craftsmanship in the metal arts. But they could not get steady shipments of supplies and began mining themselves to get their raw materials.   By 4600 BTG, they had grown in capacity to supply themselves but also the region with raw materials from their mines. Technology on Urnati was also rapidly developing, and the family embraced it. At this time, they realized they could be branching out into other business. Torgaro Mining became Torgaro Industires in 4583 BTG,   The Mining and Engineering Division was the first to come of the new structure, followed closely by the Trade division. This came out of necessity, as they needed to be able to store the raw materials for trade and use. They also realized these same warehouses could be rented out to others, providing the basis for logistics operations.   Finance came into life in 4572 BTG. The stores of gems and gold in the company's control gave the compnay much leverage outside of the company. They used this leverage to help other businesses and individual finance purchases and expansion.   Research and Development, as well as the Public Safety division were created in 4565 BTG. The company had created new designs for mining and safety equipment, but were troubled when they saw smaller companies using inferior equipment or unsafe methods. These two divisions worked hand-in-hand to improve conditions for miners globally, and them expanded that to general public safety.


The company was destroyed in the Cataclysm. In just seconds, the entire structure of the company, save a few individuals, was wiped off the map. The technologies they used became useless. Records and history were destroyed. And the company was no more.
Dissolution Date
3396 BTG
Corporation, Business
Manufactured Items


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