A Village Grown From The Crossroads

Welcome to Tremer! Located on a crossroads of the Orsholon/Lawcrane Road, Tremer is a place where you can rest, replenish supplies, and enjoy a quiet evening by the fire!   Here, you'll find services such as a blacksmith , open air market , tailor and relic dealer . Rest your weary body at the Aerie Inn , or have a pint and some food at the Dragon's Stein Tavern !   Enjoy your stay, and come back soon!
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Humans, dwarves, elves and half-orcs are common here. As it is a stop along the Orsholon/Lawcrane road, the variety of races you'll find is quite large.
In addition, the services in the village tend to cater to travelers. in town, they'll find a blacksmith to shoe horses and make repairs to wagons, a baker for bread and snacks, a tailor to make sure Orsholon-bound travelers are smartly dressed, and an open market with other goods and foodstuffs.
As such, the villagers are comfortable in terms of wealth, while not overly wealthy.


The town has no central government. No mayor or council. Instead, neighbors and merchants simply meet each other when needed to work out the needs of the town.


There are no specific defenses for the village, but as it is a popular stop for travelers, there are usually enough people in town to take care of rabblerousers.

Industry & Trade

Blacksmithing, butchering, farming, hospitality, tailoring, relic trade.


The village has but two roads that cross in the middle of the village, with a few little side paths leading to homes. The roads are maintained by all the townsfolk, usually bringing in crushed stone from the nearby hills. The water supply is provided by the Dragon's Stein Tavern, who has the village's one well, producing sufficient water for the entire village.
The area has a number of small farms, but the major supplier of produce is Fubdo's Farm.


Located in Tremer are a small open air market , a blacksmith , relic dealer , tailor , bakery , tavern , and inn.

Guilds and Factions

The only organization which holds any sway here is the Merchants of Tremer, a group of townsfolk who are also merchants in the village. Between them, they make decisions based on the good of the village and each carry a share of costs for maintenance and repairs in the city.


Tremer started as a farming community approximately 150 years ago, before Lawcrane had become a major port. As Lawcrane grew, the road from Orsholon through Tremer became the most used path to the port city. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Tremer's residents began catering to those passing through. Often bypassed by bigger groups or caravans, the village is popular with small groups and individuals passing through.


Mostly wood and plaster buildings, with the exception of the blacksmith's compound and the Dragon and Flagon Tavern. It is rumored that the tavern was built of stone in case a real dragon ever came by.


Located in a clearing southeast of the Dead Hills and on a natural path to Lawcrane from Orsholon City

Natural Resources

Available nearby is a variety of trees providing lumber for building. There is not, however, a mill in the village, so felled trees must be taken to Orsholon City or Lawcrane.
The Dead Hills to the north were once mined for iron ore, some precious minerals, and blackglass. The area, however has had very little activity in the last decade, and the road leading to the Dead Hills has become overgrown and difficult to follow, even on foot.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.


The Merchants of Tremer welcome you! On most days, you'll find the majority of our village merchants at the Tremer Open Market . If you need a place to stay, be sure to check at the Aerie Inn . And don't leave town without grabbing some wonderful pastries at Herrieth's Bakery
— Paid For By The Merchants of Tremer
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