Urshalin City Storage Vaults

Warning: Access to this area is restricted to authorized personnel only.   Trespassers will face maximum penalties, up to and including death.

Purpose / Function

Prior to the Cataclysm, Torgaro Industries had come upon an area deep in Torgaro Mine #12 that had multiple deposits of high-grade precious minerals and gemstones. While trade had been normalized on Urnati following the Urnati Global Compact, there was still an underground demand for some of the materials. This required the company to develop secure storage facilities.  


The base vaults were constructed with a tunnel that began in the direction of Torgaro Mine #12, the idea being that valuable ores and materials would be transferred directly to the vaults from there. But it was quickly surmised that if individuals knew of the connection, it would pose a security risk. Instead, an elaborate ruse was concocted to simulate a mine cave-in about hafway between the mine and the vaults. Either side had iron doors blocking passage with warning of danger beyond the doors, including additional cave-ins. A small, elite team from Torgaro Industries was tasked with clearing the relatively small amount of debris and completing the tunnel, albeit "closed" at both ends by way of the iron doors.


Hard shells within tunnels and vaults, with a semi-circular vaulted ceiling. The sector was also shaped in a semi-circle, with vaults along the inside and outside of the curve, and two much larger vaults along the tunnel that bisected the sector.


Contruction lasted about two years, and was completed just months before the Cataclysm. Materials and supplies had already been flowing into the vaults.   After the blast, most entries were unusable, but air shafts were intact as a whole, allowing circulation of air. The vaults were devoid of any beings at the time of the blast, as entry was heavily restricted. Guards were normally placed outside the entry doors (3 doors).   The blast took out all power generation and fried all electronics, meaning the the only way to open the entry doors and the vaults themselves was through manual locks, of which there were less than 5 people to whom that knowledge was entrusted.   The vaults remained sealed until Sévérine Bélanger and her crew made access during the 30-Year Winter.   The sector is now believed to be used by the Kingdom of Orsholon for similar storage.


This area was completely off-limit to any tourists of any kind, and remains so to this day.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.


  • Corona Regium - Preliminary Blueprint
    This preliminary blueprint was found in the Urshalin City Storage Vaults, one of the few documents which have been preserved since The Cataclysm, It has notes scrwaled upon it by one of the early designers.
Founding Date
3398 BTG
Alternative Names
North Vaults, North Sector.
Room, Security, Vault
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization


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