Vaergahl The Bearded

The foul-tempered Leader of the Malothus Bloodline

Vaergahl Ankix Malothus (a.k.a. Vergahl the Red)

There be no more foul-tempered, vicious beast with nasty, big, pointy teeth on Arnathia
- Tim
  Vaergahl is feared, loathed, reviled, and generally not liked among most Arnathians. The stories of his wanton displays of death and destruction are many and gruesome.   He is not nice.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Of all Arnathian dragonkind, Vaergahl is the most feared. He is ruthless, cruel, and relentless. He has a lust for treasures, and for blood.   Vaergahl is easliy recognized by his long, red beard which sparkles in the light. Of all the dragons, he is the one who regularly carries weapons. While never confirmed, it is believed that Vaergahl is the offpsring of a red dragon and a dwarf. He is smaller in stature than other dragons, which seems to fuel his rage even further. He also has never been seen using a breath weapon, but regularly uses magical fire weapons in his attacks.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While most would not consier it an "acheivement" Vaergahl is proud of his explouts, particularly the Slaughter At Haranush. He had been tracking a Chadi caravan that was returning from Lawcrane. It was supposed to be loaded with gold and gems from a successful trading and export trip. Vaergahl planned to trap them in a narrow pass near Haranush leading into Chadigartu, amassing a number of younger dragons, kobolds and even some human slaves above the pass. The plan was to allow the caravan to enter the pass. Vaergahr's minions would gather behind the caravan, while Vaergahl himself closed the pass.   As planned, the caravan entered the pass, followed by the horde. Vaergahl flew down to stop the caravan, only to find that this was not a trading caravan, but merely a group of villagers traveling to Chadigartu for an upcoming festival. There were no gems or gold to be had, no treasures. In a rage, Vaergahl slaughtered the entire caravan, and for good measure, every one of his minions as well. None were spared his wrath. The pass is now considered cursed ground, and most travelers use alternate routes to avoid the area.

Intellectual Characteristics

Vaergahl is highly intelligent, making him very dangerous. He plans thoroughly, and has alternate plans to go along with his main plan.   He is also very quick to anger, and his rage is often uncontained. If he is to make a mistake, it will be during his rage, when he acts on emotional energy rather than an intellectual thought process.

Morality & Philosophy

Vaergahl has one interest - his hoard. He particularly has an interest in gems and gold, and will stop at nothing to increase his hoard. In this aspect, he is amoral. If it does not serve to increase his hoard in some way, he has no interest. But he does enjoy the slaughter and acts of war. He revels in the fight, and cares not for the reason.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Current Location
Year of Birth
748 ATG 459 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown, but believed to have a humanoid mother.
Biological Sex
Blood red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red scales along body with a darker belly
12 ft. 7" Standing, 21' Snout to Tail
650 lbs.


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