Wasam Sunuli

The First Grandmaster Technologist

Grand Master Technologist Wasam Aramas Sunuli

"What Have We Done?"


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wasam Sunuli grew up in a fairly wealthy neighborhood of Urshalin City. His parents were affluent and he had the best schooling. More importantly, he loved to learn. It was his passion.   By the time he was ready to move to an academy to further his learning, he was still only 13 years of age. He had a keen mind for technology, especially the advanced field of power systems.   By age 20, the Urnati High Council recognized him as their preferred expert on power generation and transmission. His papers on the use of Antimatter as a power source were a catalyst for a dramatic change in Urnati life, and the potential to eliminate the need for less clean energy sources. These less clean sources were beginning to dwindle and Wasam's research provided a way to free themselves of the growing scarcity.   He was intricately involved with the creation of the MZS - Muioqa Zimomel Sopom, the test facility where they first found a way to harness Antimatter for the purpose of power generation. The initial experiments were very small, as Wasam was very cognizant of the dangers inherent to Antimatter manipulation.   In 3364, Wasam became semi-retired, but still kept in touch with his colleagues. He had received information that they were looking to create a more powerful propulsion system for a new ship. The ship was being built to act as a rescue vessel for the Emissaries, whose vessel, the Urnatus, had gone missing after a wormhole jump.   Wasam had reviewed the materials and became concerned. The amount of Antimatter being stored at the MZS was far larger than had ever been stored before. Even a minor containment failure would have catastrophic consequences.   He was in the Urshalin City Storage Vaults in Orsholon Vaults - Vault N1 researching some power transmission prototypes when the MZS facility suffered a massive failure - an event now known as the Cataclysm.   He was trapped. The sruface had been scoured clean by and inferno of wind and fire, incinerating and flattening anything it its path. He survived, but lost everything.   Wasam dies a few weeks later in the vaults of starvation and dehydration.


After his basic education, Wasam became one of the youngest graduates of the Urnati Academy of Science and Engineering, with a focus on power generation and transmission.


Until 3364, Wasam was employed by the Urnati High Council as a research and expert in power generation and transmission. He also guest lectured at the Urnati Academy.   His position with the High Council earned him the title Grand Master Technologist.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
3713 BTG 3363 BTG 350 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of Starvation and dehydration in the Urshalin City Vaults.
Biological Sex
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"What Have We Done"
Aligned Organization


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