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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a coming of age ceremony
A total of 456 entries

Gelida Battleaxe crafting

Flight of the Toucan

Trek of the Navigator

Master of the Mountain

Coming of Age with the Temple of Three Gyds

The Marks of a Master, Alnea

Meiedoli Individuality, aka 'gender choosing', Ceremony

The Arming Display

Invocation of the Hunter

First Shot of Adulthood

Noble Title Ceremony

Receiving a Conscience

The graduation exams are finally over!

Sunset Celebration

Passing the Chain

Sacrament - Confirmation

Ostedor Names and Sagas

The Time to Step Forward

Goddess Choosing Ceremony

Showing of the Edges

coming of age ritual

The Day of New Blood

A Striders First Outing

Bucaths' First Flight Ceremony

Wildwood Tournaments

The Descent Ritual

Purus Speaking Eisteddfod

Into the Necropolis

Royavongir: The Father-Fight

Luari Animal Ceremonies

Seris comming of age ceremony

The Discovery Ceremony {WASC 2021}

The Suicide Cliff Race

Oracle's Blessing

Cotillion -A Coming of Age Ceremony for Some

Marodeen Rite of Passage

Coming of Age in Karakia

Elven Masking Ceremonies

Sensory Therapist Graduation

Elven Coming of Age in the Holy Forest

Running with the Wolves

Pilgrimage to Weoroldaesc

The Contribution Ceremony

The challange of the hunt

Survival of the fittest: A Spartan warrior is born

ice elves trials

'T.M.O' Coming of Age Ritual

Stones of many voices

Blessing of the Thirteen

Nomen mulieris diem or Woman's name day

The Night of Council

Coming of age: First tooth

The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream

The Setting Sun Ceremony

Camaerithian Coming of Age

Proving years of the Mazoni warrior clan of the Amazo mountains - Prompt # 18 a coming of age ceremony

Mashura Naming Ceremony

Ordeal of the Mirage

Unification Ceremony

Stepping Up in House Scriptoria

Die Stille Wanderschaft

Striving to Become a Good Ancestor

Memoire of the world

The Enlistment Into Manhood

Graduation into Adulthood

Trial of the Origin

The Inner Artist

Cleansing of Darkness

The Seeking Journey

Qncerixi - the Tabaxian Coming of Age

Egg-Bearers Celebration

Dousing the Youngins

Sprout of the Horns

Flowering of Youth

Namegiving in Gáláwá

Fight for Metamorphosis

The Feast of Seventeen

Nuzro coming of age ceremony

Kipa Qanaviaro Zabuion

The Sixteenth Winter of the Morningstar

The Severance of the Past Self

Coming of Age ceremony

Tattoos that say you're an adult: Lamara's coming of age tradition

Merchant's Certification

Ice Graduation Ball

Village of Rotch Ceremony

Kitsune Coming of Age Ceremony

The Spring Princess

Fledglings Take Flight

The Beardling Trial

the winter gathering trials

Catfolk Ceremony of the Chosen

Ceremony of Navigation

Breaking of the Thread

The Primal Awakening

The Knight Officers' Trial of Fire

Heirloom Trading in the Fourth World

The Test of Truth and Heart

The Night of the Unwanted

Carvers First Commission

Coming of Age Ceremony

Quetzalcoatlus Bonding Ceremony

Esereti Coming of age

Kaninfolk Pairing Ceremony

Yun'kahenii Yanashiiv

Omrikahona: To come of Age in Yenma - By Skarlati

Coming of age ceremony

The Vintner's Dream

The 100 year ritual

Pfenʻest klãnʻẽlsot

Initiation rituals in the Polytechnique military school

Eveil de la voie lunaire

Empyreal Eclosion

Gift of the Storm God

Childhood funeral

Seccan coming of age ritual

Romation Dwarven Trials

Uls Uagi (Coming of age ceremony)

The Thousand Summer

First cybernetics of a pixie

The Jade Tea Ceremony

Klocka för ljuva 21

Rite of the Umbral Dagger

Pits of Crackenmaw

The Welcoming of the Light

Ahboria Lake Planting Ritual

Prompt 18: The Long Hunt

The Confirmation of Students

Reshta coming of age tradition

Rite of First Poison

El fulgor cercenado

The Errantry of a Knight Mage

The Gallardian Festival Di Vibravidalio /Vibravidalia

The Rite of the Self

El día del Cuenco

Greeting the Deasert

Wildlings/Going Wildling

Animalistic-Humans: The Rite of Passage

Passage of the Moon

Disciple Initiation

The Burning Journey

Breaking of Trammels

Coming of Age for Humans and the Verant Rite

Luminescent tattoos

To Walk the Unguided Path

Ceremony of Becoming a Citizen

The graduation ceremony

Alńe Initiation Rituals

The Hjiffnz E Ceremony

The Spring Advent of Sarinet

Coming of age ceremony and professions of the the Solace

A Chittiki's First Caravan

Collection of a Glass Shard

Confirmation of Purpose

Rilanga School Graduation

Swynfaredian Otectum Parties

The Dewellian Naming Rite

Coming Of Age Ceremony

Ceremony of the Hooked Tree

Whisper no more youngter ritual

Swearing of Citizenship

Night of Suffering

Rite of Declaration

Wizard's Centenary

Baskillian Rites of Adulthood

The Redshift Baptism

The Naming of A Wayfarer

Ceremonia de levantamiento

The Ceremony of Lost Naivety

Rite of the Wellspring

Ghoj'jah Tlhetlh

The Pinning Ceremony

Vivachash's Baptism

Forging of terrors of the Shadow God

The Rite of the Age of Enlightment

The Youth's Day of Music

Employment Selection Day

A New Sight and Path

Rite of Companionship

Fate of the Scion

First Use of Magic Celebration

Killing the Ancestors

Peregrination Ceremonies

Coming of Age for the Northern Draconics

The Trial of the Forest

First razikian summining

The time's markings - in progress

Shedding of the skin

The Rebirthing Ceremony

The Admiration Day

Gorshian Death Rites

Maditon Academy Celebrations

Cabed Maitulie, Return to the World