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Regardless if you are writing your next novel or you are a D&D dungeon master, at some point you will get stuck. It happens to all of us. These worldbuilding prompts are here to inspire you to write your next article and help you spark the next idea that will get you going.

Each of these worldbuilding prompts is designed to fit in one of World Anvil's templates and clicking on the of each of them will give you more information in the form of link and videos to get thinking and of course a list of all other articles written for this worldbuilding prompt to see what the rest of the people in the community have been up to.


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How do people honor and grieve their dead in your world?

-- Naelin

Write about a famous road or journey in your world. Why do people take it?


Write about a special item used to keep track of time.


Write about a famous ship crew. Who are they and why are they famous?


Write about an old ship that's still in use. Why is it still active?


Write about a ship (or a spaceship) that is used for leisure purposes. How does owning one change how someone is perceived?

Building / Landmark

Write about a huge building in your world. Who built it and why?


What do people do when they go out in your world?


Write a popular fairy tale told to children in your world.


Write about a day that celebrates the youngsters living in your world.


Write about a pirate of your world. What are they famous for?


Describe a summer celebration in a culture of your setting


Write about a delicious nut in your world. Does it have other special properties?

Geographic Location

Write about an asteroid or comet that's important for your world. Does it have a special meaning?


What does the rainbow symbolize in a culture of your world?


Describe a traditional celebration for the summer solstice in a culture of your world


What's the healthiest food in your world? How common is it and how does it taste?


Write about a person who defies social expectations. How do people react to their unconventional life?


Tell us about an important food staple in your world.

Geographic Location

What's your world's largest ocean, and what lurks in it depths? Do people fear it or own it?

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