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Get inspired by our amazing online writing community on Discord

World Anvil’s online writing community is often called the nicest place on the internet! Our wonderfully creative writing group on our Discord is one of the friendliest places to kick back and talk about novel writing, worldbuilding, GMing and everything else! Give each other inspiration, ask questions, get advice and join community writing sprints with our writing group!

Up your worldbuilding game with writing competitions and creative writing challenges!

Writing competitions and creative writing challenges are at the heart of our community activities. They’re a great way to forge friendships, grow your readership, and improve your writing and worldbuilding too! We run two massive annual worldbuilding challenges, Summer Camp (July) and WorldEmber (December), giving away $1000s in prizes. Our monthly community writing challenges have guest judges and we also run flash challenges and worldbuilding prompts to inspire you from week to week! In the past we’ve run short story competitions, RPG one-shot challenges, and more!

World Anvil’s short story writing competition turned into a wonderful anthology of incredible stories from the community!
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Writing Advice, Worldbuilding Tips, Live World Anvil Tutorials, and Interviews with the Experts!

Looking for the best writing advice, for worldbuilding tips and even DM advice? We (Dimitris and Janet - World Anvil’s founders and both professional writers, gamers and worldbuilders!) livestream several times a week! You can tune in to get advice on your writing questions, ask for DM tips, and even request World Anvil tutorials and tips (although you can also find a bunch here!). We also arrange live interviews with bestselling authors Brian McClellan, famous video game developers like Denis Dyack and the biggest names in RPGs, like Amanda Hamon, the Senior Designer of DnD5e at Wizards of the Coast. You can also catch up on these in our podcast!

World Anvil’s features are developed with the community, for the community!

We believe in giving power to our amazing creative community! That’s why we’ve made it easy to request and vote on upcoming features, and make your voice heard. We discuss upcoming features on our livestreams and in the development channel on our discord, too. The future of World Anvil is in your hands!

 An image of the features page, where our online writing community can vote on which worldbuilding and writing features they’d like to see next on World Anvil.

World Anvil’s creative writing community is built around the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

World Anvil is the ultimate worldbuilding platform, novel writing software and RPG campaign manager! Create, organize and store your worldbuilding for any project - a novel, a video game, comic or RPG campaign setting - with our powerful worldbuilding wiki. You can also write and publish novels, short stories and serial fiction with our innovative novel writing software, and run your DnD games (as well as dozens of other systems) in our Campaign manager!

Oh, and if you’re looking to turn your creativity into a career, make sure you check out our publication and monetization features too! We’re dedicated to helping our community’s professionals launch their books and games to the world, and when the time comes, we’ll be there to support you with everything we’ve got!


World Anvil is the ULTIMATE writing toolset
created for authors of all types of fiction

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your writing! Track everything from character motivations and subplots to timelines and geography, and keep everything private whilst you work. Reference your world bible whenever you want to write or get inspired!


Raise hype for your next release to boost its success! Your fans will be thrilled to explore the world you've created! You can share stunning character profiles, maps and timelines, and invite your fans to comment and get involved while they wait for the next installment!


No more lost notebooks! Your work is backed up on eight different servers multiple times a day, and you can export your world too - so you'll never lose your progress, whatever happens! Oh, and if something's set to private, not even WE can see it!


Want to give an editor access to your worldbible? Or maybe you want to co-author, or work as part of a writing team? Now you can do that wherever you are in the world! Give different levels of access to different writers, and even let your fans contribute fanfic!


Monetize your worldbuilding to kickstart your creative career and support yourself between book releases! Give exclusive access to extra content - like character secrets, short stories or advanced chapters - to your Patrons, supporters and paying customers!


Join a community of over 750,000 worldbuilders and solve problems together! Make friends with like-minded writers, and get inspired by author's interviews, community and competitions!