Secure your creative content

An example of World Anvil’s secure worldbuilding notebook with advanced privacy settings, as shown on an interactive fantasy map.

Control who can access your content

Once you’re ready to share your work, World Anvil’s advanced privacy settings give you so many options! You can make content public, or restrict access to customers, patreon supporters, players or superfans. This might mean making a whole map or timeline public, whilst revealing secrets only to those you choose!

Keep it secret, keep it safe…

On World Anvil, you can keep anything you want private - and by the way, if it’s private, not even we can see it! You can work in private either by yourself, with a co-author or even a team, safe in the knowledge that nothing will be seen by the outside world. You can even give temporary access to your world project and then restrict it once the work is done - meaning you can bring in collaborators for team projects without the risk of leaked documents and PDFs!

An example of how World Anvil’s team worldbuilding features allow you to keep the details of your team’s worldbuilding secret and safe!

Never lose your work again!

World Anvil is the last word in organization, safety and security for your worldbuilding, campaigns and novels! Make sure lost worldbuilding notebooks, destroyed hard drives and mislaid documents are a thing of the past by adopting a carefully designed, modern system backed up to rigorous industry standards! A secure log in keeps your work safe, and your auto saved work will be backed up on multiple servers and the cloud. You can even export a copy and save it locally for extra peace of mind!

Secure backing up of your work is just one capability of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

World Anvil is the perfect place to keep your work safe and secure, and you can also use it to manage your DnD campaigns, RPG characters and to write your novels! No more lost plots, drafts or character sheets!


World Anvil is the ULTIMATE RPG Campaign
Manager and Homebrew world building toolset

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your tabletop RPG games. Create your lore, NPCs, locations, monsters and adventures.


Showcase your world in all its glory and let your players explore and discover the hidden wonders you choose to share.


Keep your notes and ideas safe - in years to come you'll be able to search through and remember them like you wrote them yesterday.


Work by yourself or get your players to help you, expand your lore and their backstories.


Create your campaign, invite your players, manage your sessions and have everything you've created in front of you in a single screen.


Join a community of over 750,000 worldbuilders and Dungeon Masters happy and willing to help you become the best tormentor Dungeon Master you can be!