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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities.
A total of 396 entries

Highspire, aka The Towering City

District 12: Slogborough

Infernal Citadels of Lord Bishop

The Five Terraces of Darg Marblebeard - WIP

Uranun Industrial District

Silvaros, The Mining City

Irthoka (Rask Mining Facility)

Etora, Jewel of the Vearrith Coast

The Industrious and Inventive Gnomes of Pangation

Solenopolis -- The City on an Anthill

Kharnost, Flame of the Khaninspire

Home - Geological Territory 1

Emeraldin, Heartland of Forgotten Ancients

Center of Christmas Spirit and Magic City

The Ocean City of Cassidor

The Arlyian Research Institution for Developmental Sciences (ARIDS) & Arlyia-Thyr

Welkwu: Capital in its Own Right

Dark Horizons Orbital Penitentiary

Endrys, Capital of the Noble Kingdom and the House of its Honor

People's Megalopolis of St. Edeness

Emberthain: Home of the Airship

El'vhen, City of the Arcane

The Shipyards of Jotuneyja