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Mon Jul 1st - Thu Aug 1st

Summer Camp 2019

30 days, 30 prompts, 300+ words each, $5000 prizes to be won!
SUMMER CAMP IS HERE! You know what that means!!
  • Get inspired by answering 30 worldbuilding prompts over July 2019
  • Develop your world or start a new one
  • Over $5000 dollars of prizes up for grabs!

  • World Anvil's Summer Camp is a worldbuilding challenge like no other! We challenge you to answer 30 worldbuilding prompts - in whichever world and whichever order you like - during July! Each entry should be at least 300 words, and a new article.
        There's over $5000 dollars worth of Prizes to be won from our AMAZING sponsors - including DungeonFog, Great GM, Caeora, Tabletop Loot and Ironrise Games! Prizes are given out via prize draws for those who successfully complete the Gold (30 prompts completed), Silver (20 prompts completed) or Copper (10 prompts completed) achievements. The full rules are at the bottom of this page! :)
        One of the best things about Summer Camp is the community support - everyone rallies together on multiple platforms - Twitter, Discord, Facebook - to share ideas and support one another! World Anvil is a community of 350,000 worldbuilders who love to help each other!

    The Prompts

    Click on a prompt to write your response.
    Let the games begin!


    Describe a lush and fertile location in your world.


    Write about an important plant in your world and what it is used for.


    Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities.


    Write about a ceremonial building in your world and what takes place there.


    Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like.


    Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world.


    Describe an isolated or frontier settlement and how it survives in your world.


    Write about a creature that is used as a beast of burden or transport animal.


    Describe a country in your world, including its political structure and history.


    Write about a typical house or dwelling in one of your cultures or countries.


    Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions.


    Write about a tale surrounding a mythological creature in your world.


    Describe the tenets or precepts of an organised religion in your world.


    Write about an influential woman in your world and what they achieved.


    Describe some common idioms and sayings from a culture in your world.


    Write about a conflict that shaped the political climate of your world.


    Describe the tales in your world designed to make naughty children behave.


    Write about a great thinker in your world and the impact they had on society.


    Describe a physical condition associated with old age in your world.


    Write about a mental illness in your world and how people respond to this.


    Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world.


    Write about a material which is extracted, mined or quarried from the ground.


    Describe the functions and uses of a commonplace item in your world.


    Write about the history surrounding a unique artefact or work of art in your world.


    Describe a major technological breakthrough and the impact it had in your world.


    Write about a popular card, dice or board game in your world and how it is played.


    Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts.


    Write about the properties of a material which is used for clothing in your world.


    Describe a commonly used vehicle in your world and who its used by.


    Write about a collection of culinary recipes from a particular culture in your world.

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    Challenge begins: 1st July 2019 00:01 PT
    Challenge ends: 1st August 2019 00:01 PT

    Complete 10 prompts to win the copper badge

    This will also enter you into the Copper prize draw!

    Complete 20 prompts to win the silver badge

    This will also enter you into the Silver prize draw!

    Complete all 30 prompts to win the gold badge

    This will also enter you into the GRAND PRIZE DRAW!


    You can choose how you want to take part and complete the prompts in any order you like! Pace yourself by completing one per day, or do as many as you like in one go! It doesn't matter if you miss a day, but the challenge deadline is final.   Read each prompt carefully and make the best use of the article template to expand your worldbuilding. If you are stuck on a prompt, ask your friends for help! Or check out the World Anvil Discord! It's a great place to get advice.   To enter, you must click the prompt button to create the correct article template. Once you have written 300 words or more, you will be able to submit it. Articles must be public and published (not drafts) in order for the submission button to appear! Click the SUBMIT button to submit your article!   Each article must be new (created during July 2019), and created using your own content. Check the FAQ for more details.   Join us on Twitter and Discord where every day of the challenge we will be showing you tips, tricks and inspiration to help you complete the prompts. If you manage to complete the minimum word count for all 30, you will have achieved 9,000 words!  

    Extra Info

    Entries of eligible prize winners will be checked for spamming before receiving any prizes, and offenders of the stipulations detailed below will be disqualified from all future major competitions  
    • No plagiarism. Please reference any external sources if you use them!
    • No art theft. Please use the artist credit fields when uploading images, or consider using CC0/public domain images (or have a go at drawing your own!)
    • The creation and use of alt accounts to abuse the likes/hearts system will result in disqualification.
    • Only one account per person may enter. Completing the challenge via multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
    • Abusing the site features to increase wordcount will result in disqualification.
    • Meta, meme, and non-worldbuilding articles may result in disqualification. This is a worldbuilding competition, after all!
    Here's a copy of the 30 prompts as an image, feel free to share it with your friends and challenge them to take part!  


    • How do I enter?
    You will need to have an active world, then click one of the prompt buttons to start an article. Once you have written 300 or more words, publish your article so that it's public and not a draft. A button will appear on the side (in edit mode) for you to submit your article.  
    • How do I remove my entry?
    Edit your article, and remove it from the challenge the same way that you added it! You can then enter a different article, if you wish.  
    • Can I enter with articles in different worlds?
    Yes! Just select the active world you want to build in and then click on one of the prompt buttons.  
    • Can my co-authors take part?
    Yes! This challenge is per-user, not per-world.  
    • Can I write my articles in a different language?
    Yes! If you become eligible for a physical or digital prize your work will be checked via translation.  
    • Can I submit old/existing articles?
    No. The goal of this challenge is to expand your worldbuilding and push your creativity! Only new articles will be eligible.  
    • Why must my articles be published and public?
    If you become eligible for a digital or physical prize, we will need to check your work to see that you have not broken any rules.  
    • When can I make my submitted articles private?
    If you wish to take part in this challenge, your articles will need to remain public until the Summer Camp 2019 Awards Ceremony (to be announced via our Twitter and Discord) which is currently planned to take place on Sunday September 15th. Private articles will result in winners losing their prizes.  
    • Can I keep editing my submitted articles?
    You may continue editing your submitted articles until the deadline. Edits made after the end of July 2019 and before the Summer Camp 2019 Awards Ceremony may disqualify you from prizes.  
    • Do I have to use the specific prompt templates?
    Yes! But you can use them however you like, so if you don't want to fill in all of the different fields, you don't have to. You could add your own worldbuilding information and content in the main article text field.  
    • How do I enter with art in response to the prompts?
    Upload your artwork to your image gallery and copy & paste its image bbcode into the article. You will still need to write 300 words to accompany the artwork in order to submit it! Consider describing what you've drawn/painted and how it works!  
    • Are the World Anvil Staff taking part?
    Yes! The World Anvil Community Team (Sparks, Moderators, Enchanters and Core Team) will all try to take part and develop their worlds! The Core Team and the Master of Games are ineligible for the Most Like Article and Work Prizes, but are eligible for the Prize Draws!  
    • I won a prize! How do I claim it!
    Tune into the Awards Ceremony on World Anvil's Twitch channel to find out if you won! That'll take place (probably) on Sunday 25th August at 12 PT | 20 BST! We'll also be releasing the complete list of winners in a special blog post which will contain full instructions. You'll need to get your email and postal details to us WITHIN TWO WEEKS if you want to receive your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be redistributed at World Anvil's discretion.  
    • I'd like to become a sponsor for the next major challenge! How do I apply?
    Introduce yourself and what you can bring to our community in an email to Janet and Dimitris at [email protected]! We'll contact you when we start preparing the WorldEmber challenge towards the end of the year!