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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a ceremonial building in your world and what takes place there.
A total of 348 entries

Pilier de Vol - The Pillar of Flight

The Burrows of the Raven Company

Crown-shrine of a Thousand Wings

The Canopy Of Natures Repose

Shrine of the Blessed Sun

Temple to Fennar in Orladica, Dragonborn Empire

The Emerald Clearing in the Northern Forest

The Ziggurat of Coatépec

Charonosaurus Amphitheater

Church of the Devine Lady

The Offices for Ceremonial Matters

Grimveil Temple to the Sea Father

Shrine of the three Moons

College of the Council of Sages

Ceremonial building (because names are hard)

Temple of the Ladies of the Pane

Deo-Dorm -- the party temple

Mouse-Shaman Forest Shrine

The Tower on 35th and Ivory

The Cathedral of Delieverance

Temple of the Holy Mother

Temple of Amaunator: The Last Sunrise (SC'19)

Feretory of the Dusk Lord

Celebration day in the House of the gods.

Star Temples of the Aure'ellar

Cervilles Temple of Milios

The biggest place of worship in all of humanity

Rumsha Temple (Temple of the Unfathomable Jester in North Akinda)

Meneluin, der himmelblaue Turm von Faeltirith

Ataroun, Temple of Hopheht

Temple of the Dawn (Sandstones)

Monastery of the Frozen Angel

The Luminous Temple of Ivry

STUB - Holy Crown Cathedral

The Mansion of the Prime Minister

The Great Basilica of the Holy Light

The Altar of the Sylvanite

Northern Temples of Giant Anchorites

Temple of the Eternal Sceptre

Shrine of the Primal Spirits

The Church of the Risen Faith

Tabernacle Sanctum of Akhal-Teke

The Great Cathedral of Vortarius

Gerlach Cathedral - The First Aldelgian Church of Ildyr

The Silver Church of Rebirth

La Fortaleza del Dragón Dorado

The Grand Temple of the Dead

The Degenerate's Communion

Cathedral of the Platinum Dragon