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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a great thinker in your world and the impact they had on society.
A total of 254 entries

Eve Nightfall the Prismatic Quill

Yorcrath of Clan Dendandrian

Chairman Harold Deepdelver

The First Philospher, Dimiadis

The Great Mage, Delmira Voniara

Xeyebok, the Rapacious Eye

Nateren, The Scion of Earth

Scolla the Teacher of Jukalog

Hortace et l'utilitarisme

Garamond Sandspitter aka DJ Daft aka The Daft Monk

Advancement in Magical Teachings by Gilly of the Thetzle islands.

Princess Erani, House Tannergarl

The Theory of Weird - the philosophy of Dial Sojourn

Subha Al-Waz, the Hajdibi desert explorer

Chancellor Shyrreth Palathen'm

Teklo Tengwelai: First Truth's Mastermind

Maximilian Umbridge, inventor betrayed by his king

† Sebastyan-Charles Hammond Rychard Ödynger

Alexander Constatine, the First Archeon

Argas Dineth III of House Montel