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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a typical house or dwelling in one of your cultures or countries.
A total of 272 entries

Traditional housing of the Thalassian Ethnis

Küchenhütte von Katowa

The Houses of the Gilded City

A Standard Castle in the Edo Empire

Breaföll Enchanters House

Palisade Residential Hubs

Environmental Isolation Dome

Typical Treehouse in Avolotia

The Barchhouse (Dragonborn Style of home)

Housing in the Capital City

A typical Northern Keelford house

Linnadean architecture - Typical housing

The Typical Ellavarian House

Planetary Housing System

Standard-Housing-Unit-of-Tyrralorean-Underclass-Lifestyle S.H.U.T.U.Ls

Commissioner Gord's report on housing infrastructure of Grimveil

Reinforced Farmsteads Within the Kingdom of Wind

Common Slums Housing, Kridowen

The crab pirates' sand igloos

The rural Republic farmstead

An Average Superplex in the City-State of Crestfall

The Tamard Triangle Style

Evergreen: Regular Housing

Commoner House (StoneGrove Archipelago)

The Coral Houses of the Galigoni Isles

Annoying bright house paint house

Typical Building Styles, Mylrondia

Central City Apartment Complex

Isheiket ~ Royal Living Quarters

Orchard Tender’s Cottage, Vale of Arabour

Architecture in the Illuminated regions of the southern Spires

Terragar Stone Blockhouses

Standard Architecture in the Central Kingdoms

Enchantment of Noel Grand Palace of The Claus Royal Family

Apartment Dwellings of Roseport

Northern Suradanese Longhouses

Typical forest homes of Owhua

Black Marble Dwellings of Culvingarrd

Traditional Peasant Home

The Provectus Clay Apartments

Architecture of Kraken's Galley Oldtown

Home Architecture in Trebury