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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a major technological breakthrough and the impact it had in your world.
A total of 262 entries

The Creation of The Warforged

Contained Calibrated Atmospherical Nearly-Non-Magical Sub-Aquatic Transport and Conveyance Device

The creation of teleportation

Managlou-Dube Printing Press

Moving the Water - Irrigation and Farming

Harmonic Voidcrystal Activation

The Development of Hollow Mining in The Wraith Globe

Controlled Attraction

Tanegashima (Matchlock Gun)

Clocks, gnomish invention

Artificial Storage Capacity for Magic

Trans-Communication Implants (TCIs)

Catalytic Electric Generation

Medicine has changed the world

Void Powered Centrifugal Generator (VPCG)

The art of non-Elemental Magic

Mystical Mechanics: Bolt Multiplier Engine

Dominion Shrikes (Mechanized Spirit)

Reaping (Artificial Manacite Creation)

W'toyar Ouwerai: Three Variants of Portals

Cybernetics in the Roman Empire

Artificially Intelligent machines

Particle Manipulaton Technology

Sunspark Automative Construction

The Automated Democracy Clockwork

Groundwater Pump and Water Tower